Wood Turning a Small Christmas Tree Art Deco Style

This video shows the process I used to make a wooden art deco style small Christmas tree. Wood turning small trees is an excellent way to practice spindle work on a wood lathe. I hope you enjoy this video and Happy Holidays.

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I strive to create handmade, high quality wood pieces (and sometimes, crafts using other mediums such as natural stone or acrylic) that connect to people on an emotional and functional level. Each piece is meticulously designed to look and feel like an art piece holding some functionality. I have always adored art, and have an underlining mission to incorporate my knowledge and skills with wood turning. With my videos, I hope to inspire and encourage others with a strong focus on promoting wood turning, experimentation, and safety. Please stay safe at all times!

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Jane Haselgrove says:

I’m curious to see what everyone else’s tree looked like from your club! Great job 😀

S. White says:

Nice work… too bad for the spalted ones, please give it another try and post if you get time!

plusaf dotcom says:

One of my neighbors asked me to turn a dozen or so “Trees” for Christmas presents for his family and after a few practice tries, I ended up with a pretty easy technique to turn them. One of the first “practice” versions and two of the ‘more like finished products’ are shown on this page of my site… http://www.plusaf.com/woodshop/20-trees.htm

The photo and link in the lower right corner of this page http://www.plusaf.com/woodshop/22-fashion-accessories.htm shows what I made for a craft show for last November. I modified the “leaves” to have a flat area that I could drill in pairs around the rim to insert earring hooks. I sold a smaller version (about 12 pairs holder) at the craft fair. Enjoy!

Greg Alan Edwards says:

Despite the problems with the topper, that was some very sweet work!! Excellent job!!!

Wayne E. says:

Very nice piece of art you got there. I’m glad you went with the current tree topper, it looks much better.

Entropy says:

Super cool!

Myrl B Foster says:

use the wood in resin and the turn it.

Barry Frankel says:

Great job….the best part is watching the mistakes ( design opportunities) Thanks for that Happy Holidays

Amir Hadisi says:

great job

Phillip Kirkpatrick says:

Not sure why but I was envisioning you turning a triangular shaped tree, transitioning from unturned to a point and maybe a few tiers. Maybe even preparing the triangle by flattening the 3 sides..I really think that would be very cool.

javeria siraj says:

You could suspend them in resin…the turn the whole as a composite blank….

Mayford Davis says:

Audio at the beginning was horrible; I turned the volume down to almost nothing so I could enjoy the rest of it.

Andrew Wilson says:

Need to stabilise the spalted ash in the vacuum pot or it just going to keep breaking out on you. I use a vacuum pump, an old pressure cooker and ronson wood stabiliser and it makes all the difference you need.

edd xtrastrange says:

If you could regulate the audio, that would be great

Christian Miller says:

Not sure if it would help but this guy used a vacuum chamber to help stabilize or harden the wood he wanted to work with.

Chris Jurczak says:

This was great to watch! I really wish I had the space to start wood turning and other projects. This video has inspired me again to make a plan. Thanks and Happy New Year!

margaret davis says:

I love your tenacity. The end product was well worth it.

night driver says:

noelinize sokim

Donovan560 says:

It’s stupid how the biggest YouTubers throw literal shit together and get millions of followers. We can tell you spent time on this. You deserve a lot more than what you’re getting man, keep up the good work.

David Sibert says:

Keep the tool rest as close to the piece at all times. Shame on you.

Stephanie A. Harris says:

This is so awesome!!!!

Stan Kaplan says:

I really enjoy seeing the work you do. Really awesome!!!

Dale Burrell says:


Travis Coop says:

What did you use for the spray on finish?

Charlotte Carter says:

I would try the spalted wood again. But, first soak in a wood hardener. Would love to see it!!! But this one is pretty too!

JLA80 says:

I enjoy watching your videos. Keep it up!

Jane Kokoszko says:

Nice work on the finial.

AlphaSquad32 says:

Did you win?

Diane MoneyGoolsby says:

Congratulations on having one of the “Top 20 Woodturning Videos of Dec 2016”,  (Rick  Morris “More Woodturning Magazine” Jan 2017 issue) Enjoyed your video–your tiny tree was so pretty!

Happy Turning in 2017! 

karodora says:


Angel Luna says:

what up

Larry Schweitzer says:

The noise level ruined it! Huge change in volume. Needs some serious editing.

Cally Camp says:

Question: with spalted wood”, it can be turned without undergoing any treatment? I saw yours broke, but I assume you have had success turning spalted wood. Is there anything I should know about turning it or use of other tools on it? I have so far turned only one item ever… a few weeks ago, a wooden “club”.

Alf Key says:

A piece with that much spalting, treat with a wood hardener, leave for a couple of days ,check for soft areas, treat again ,,,, no a safety note, spalting is a fungus growing thro the wood ,,that dust on your lungs , not good, scrapers make a lot of dust,,, keep safe,,. Regards Alf

Simonzzz says:

So mesmerising with the volume turned off.

GetItHooked TV says:

When working with spalted wood it helps to use wood hardener, you can get it at most home improvement stores or online

burntsilverado says:

you make a Christmas tree then say happy holidays…that’s sad.

Brad Vietje says:

Glad you stuck with it and ended up with a great little tree. Given your skill with the skew and the spindle gouge, you’ll find the more you use them, and the less you use carbide scrapers on spalted wood, the better.

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