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Carved jewelry box handmade fine art wood carving gift that give how to make. Carving On Wood
Makes a beautiful gift a beautiful girl and rented videos!

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Tools: W- 10 YOSHIHARU “Santomo” series Carving Knife 10 pcs set && R- 7 YOSHIHARU “Santomo” series Carving Knife 7 pcs set

wood material – lime tree

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Robert Brunston says:

It’s a very awesome box great job.

Carving Decor says:

Ah, wow! This is simply amazing. You have very beautiful works. Keep going.

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

love it

Ádhamh Áon Mhaolain says:

beautiful work of art

SabrinasCraftingClub says:

The carving of the boy is awesome !! Great work 🙂

purple heart says:

its a great video. can you tell me which types color or vernish you used to make it this awesome antique look? plz if possible share with me, it can be so helpful for me

DustVoice says:

Do you have a template of the image you can share, or was it completely drawn “free handed”? Would love to try this myself, but I kinda lack the creativity to come up with a theme on my own. If anybody out there has a suggestion, or template, feel free to share it with me. It’s supposed to be a gift for a girl just if you wonder.

Orlando Slabcow says:

muy bueno

Learner-Learns says:

Nicely done!

Larry MacCaskill says:

Carve, carve, carve and… suddenly it’s black! No clues what finish is used, how it’s applied, nuthin’.
Mildly interesting to watch but as an instructional video… it sucks.

anay muñoz arguedas says:


علاء العامري says:


jfrostmovement jfrostmovement says:

wow your gifted

Eliel Salvador says:

lindo trabalho


thats amazing

Gabriel diaz valenzuela says:

mas despacio no se entiende como lo haces

Angelique Estrada says:

Did you burned the wood in the end or what did you use to make it like that?! It looks awesome!

John Bowley says:

Dan was the one who pushed me to google up Woody Hyezmar’s Bible. And yes, the book is still available, and it’s got some neat projects.

Rustam Karol Nekrásov says:

What brand are your gouges?

soufiane didouch says:


Lama Alhawari says:


Liu Alice says:

good job

Gilberto Froes says:

simplismente espetacular

Chaysi Oblero says:

Wow your good

Natalya Anfilofyeva says:

все красиво но главное чем покрывается поверхность

Francesco Ebbasta says:


Nicola draws says:

Where did u get that box what is full of carving tools

Vadym Shatov says:

I made it by myself. I used woodprix scripts for that.

Domic Dolyar says:

great job! keep it up!

siberwolf33 says:

How much would you expect this to sell for?

Bruce McNally says:

I love the finish, a great look. Many thanks!

Lama Alhawari says:

can you make a simple project for beginner and what kind of wood and tools to use please

New Dawn says:


J R says:

Me hiciste recordar un maestro q querian ensenarla a romper el record de correr una milla a un invalido en 2 minutos….o el q queria ver quien llegara mas rapido entre un mercedes benz y caminando a pie…
No se si me explico…

amrrsh says:

Amazing 🙂

Edward D. Wooden says:

I’m fairly new to woodworking. It is the multiple options presented when performing a task. They cover woodworking without using nails or screws, which means creating
connections between wood using various joining techniques.  It focuses on the craft of woodworking, which means taking time to join and sculpt wood to make project. https://plus.google.com/b/106308430194737068080/106308430194737068080/posts/HuFqRTy5P72

Mia More says:

Absolutely beautiful work..! Can’t wait to try it myself..! Thank you..!

Robert Nun'ya says:

great job

Jeffrey Gerekink says:

its beautiful

Cindy DeGroot says:

I would love to see more of this one, but the guy who’s doing the carving has his hand in the way the whole time blocking how he’s doing it! Plus, it drives my eyes nuts to watch it at that speed. I slowed it down a notch, but that didn’t really help being able to watch it. Bummer, because this could’ve been a great video for teaching how to do the wood carving, but with his hand constantly in the way of the camera, we couldn’t really see how to do it. 🙁 The end product, though, is beautiful.

Thomas Thomson says:

This isn’t engraving, it’s tracing!

Sergio A. Gracian Barrera says:

Me gusta pero siento que no permita ver los pasos que hace para lograrlo.
felicidades. quedo muuy bien.

sonsets says:

Wow! Beautiful! 🙂 ♥

Gypsy Paz says:

Great video, fantastic carving, but the music belongs in a 1960s stag film.

@lex says:

True artist at work.

José Russo says:

Hi, may I ask what you used as pattern ? Is this a stencil ? Thanks

Jeremiah Hix says:

how did you color that?

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