Wall Art From Scrap Wood

Making wall art from bending strips of cedar.

Music by Dan-O at http://danosongs.com


mynamesmike88 says:

that will smell amazing

Hj Mohd Zulmajdi Haji Ismail says:

Whats the software do u use mate?

Amy Lougheed says:

So much work! Truly one of a kind.
It’s beautiful ❤

Tom Rinehart says:

Absolutely brilliant Anyone that thumbs down obviously didn’t watch your whole video or understand the thought process and skill that went into this piece.

Sandra Hendricks says:

There were comments about putting lights behind it.  I like it the way it is, natural.  Everything does not have to be flashy.  The more natural, the more calming.

Marin Srok says:

now imagine having to dust it 😛

Sebastiaan Mollema says:

Nice decoration piece!

alfriedar says:

I very much appreciated you also sharing your mistakes.. and re do of the project.. Put a glass top on it and presto Yes make it a table.. You do have some great tools… and loved how you showed it on the computer .. very cool software… I am building a large simple dog house .. change one component and I have to redesign the whole thing.. This software would make my life much easier.. Thanks for sharing it I found it very helpful and enjoyable to show ways to project manage

Shelly Caldwell says:

I was so lost listening to the process but the finished product was beautiful! The table was everything!

Shahnewaz manto says:

thumbs up

Alter Kater says:

Scrap art.

MiloYellowknee says:

That is seriously amazing!!!!

Kayden Fox says:

Not sure if you’re still monitoring this, but it’s been 4 years- you ever make that table? The question that came to mind for me was on the bottom arches: how did you plan to make them? Cutting an arch or bending strips?

survival 101 says:

If u made the table put a glass top on it so nothing small goes through

Eduardo Villegas says:

Really Nice..!

Fred van der Bank says:

Good on you mate. Love it. Thx

Kevin says:

lol it doesn’t even look good

Epic Army Of One says:

Right there, at 7:11. that’s a good design before all the other curves are sketched in


the art is supercool, but the table…WOW, subscribing for sure!

Kris Kamil Jacewicz says:

when I saw the design for a table based on this, at the end of the video, I couldn’t but to think of filling the space between strips with coloured, semi-transparent epoxy! Just like some people on youtube shown tables made of wood filled with blue coloured epoxy that ended up looking like a water.

Erwin de Visser says:

Amazing piece! good video.

Adelaide Invigilation says:

I was so impressed that its about the third time I have watched.

Cap Revosa says:

You should Definitely do the table … MASTERPIECE !!

ali karami says:

perfect woodwork, excellent, what is the name of the software you were using? thank you

Alpha Machina says:

Did you ever build that table?

Easy to tips and tricks etc etc says:

Hi I just like And subscribe to your Channel.

I’m a fellow woodworker nice job

Do you know what YouTube’s doing right now concerning, monetization going from ten thousand hours, to 1000 subscribers, do you only had 700 subscribers right now ?
What would you think how would it affect you and what would you do?

I think we should protest,?

Nice work thanks for sharing hope to hear from you Ken

Monsieur Peinture says:

Wow I have never seen something like this before, absolutely love it ! Great work !

John sweda says:

liking the table idea you have to cover the top something Clear? or you soak it in clear epoxy to fill in the gaps of the strips of wood and make it more usable and durable

SuperJTutorials says:

That table you designed is absolutely gorgeous, not that the wall art isn’t but still

Mark Mayfield says:

Tempered glass top, maybe with a light grey tint.

Ned Eds says:

kinda cool but you coulda had the same result by taking a few 2x4s, cutting out random slits, then installing the strips at random instead of going through all the trouble to exactly match them how you wanted on paper. it woulda been more organic that way and hellu easier/quicker. love the idea of working with the strips though….always dig using scraps to make stuff with. 🙂

Brad Baker says:

add some led backlight 😀

Birki gts says:

The problem i see with that table is leg room near the arcs. They need to be closer to the middle so legs fit. Unless it’s a coffee table

Tiffany Withee says:

Wow I love that as a table. I want to make one now!!

Arts Livre Atelier Alia says:

Great !!! Merci ami

Artsmith says:

Recently i saw one hotel interior decorated with same design.It looks very cool…

VENKO wood says:

*Good job*

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