Reclaimed wood 3D wall panel


Blake X says:

I was like, wtf are you doin why u burnin this baby up?

Rich Mangano says:

Oh, btw, not sure if you know, but those can be used for acoustic purposes. I haven’t read all the comments.

النهر المتدفق says:

برافو عليك نجار ماهر أعجبني دقت شغلك
ادعو الله تعالى ان يرزقك الحياة السعيدة المفعمة بالحيوية والنشاط والقوة
ليتك تطلع على الأسلام فهو يحقق طموحك يامبدع

Rich Mangano says:

I like the way you work.

Otabek Otabek says:

ага йук

Donnie Brasco says:

Неповторимое произвидение искуства.

English Street says:

You could have made a wall with the length you have

Chris Jennings says:

A little bit more depth and following a placement pattern you have a skyline diffuser. Search skyline diffuser and there are specific math formulas.

Awesome project!!! Enjoyed the vid

Kieren Moore says:

This was a lot of extra work, for a not very calculated/effective diffuser. Looks interesting, tho’ …

Herb Lefebvre says:

Nice Job! How did you make your clamps, looks like you used caulking guns…

Pavel Gridnev says:

Круто,но черные молнии лучше убрать

Eduleite Leite says:

Thanks for watching, no! Thank you for posting the video, it was very good

Gustavo Estevam says:

Well done with the burning stuff

Ell lee says:

Cool! Gotta try this

Whitie Ford says:

You work faster than anybody in history.

Luiz Carlos Massarenti says:

Ficou ótimo 🙂 parabéns

Simon Delaney says:

That is really cool using electricity to burn the wood,
I wonder if lightning would do that as well.

Jean-Antoine Matadi says:

that black burned border is ugly AF

Sam Sam says:

It’s looks nice but if was me I’ll use some Glass cube , just my thought??

Davo gifman says:

Ah that’s what that is. In the thumbnail I thought it was some kind of mold. Opps! My bad.. LoL

ENTER Marketing says:

Nice sounds

English Street says:

That was like the dark side of woodworking. The shapes look like poisoned vanes

Nikola Rankovic says:


Саныч says:

Какой жидкостью намазывал древесину между электродами?

Жизнь на селе. Строительство says:

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Alan Rumatiga says:

keren abis


D Ma io ho fatto un

Adma Cristina says:


Александр Бородай says:

Здравствуйте! А что за клей использовали для приклейки бруса?

DikmaSampaio243/52 Marques says:

Meu Deus, que lindo, maravilhoso, que Deus abençoe, abraço

Lobo Negro says:

Que máquina é essa q você queimou a madeira ?

KUZIKAN ! says:

The burning looks horrible, you were better off torching or nothing at all.

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