How to Make a DIY Word Light Sign Out of Wood – FULL TUTORIAL – Thrift Diving

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a DIY word light sign out of wood? This full-length tutorial leaves no details out, as I show you every step of the project–from selecting the font, printing out the large word on printer paper, tracing the word onto plywood, cutting it out with a jigsaw, staining the wooden word, drilling clean holes, and adding lights to your DIY word! Watch this full-length tutorial, and I guarantee by the time you’re done, you’ll feel comfortable and confident making this project!

0:01 Intro and overview of the project
0:55 How to find and download pretty fonts for your word light sign
2:46 How to enlarge print on a free site called
4:41 How to arrange and cut out printed sheets into a large stencil.
5:57 How to position your stencil.
6:55 How to cut out your word sign with a jigsaw.
10:31 Sanding the word sign.
10:40 How to cut holes for the lights and insert the lights.
15:56 How to stain the word light sign with Dark Walnut.
16:37 How to lightly distress the edges of the wood.
16:55 How to attach D-rings for hanging your word light sign.
17:52 Tip for how to accurately measure when hanging things on the wall.
19:00 Adding lights to word sign.
19:28 How to staple wires to the wood with a wire cable stapler.
24:05 Hanging the DIY word light sign and disguising the battery pack.
25:06 How to make a DIY wood picture frame to go around the word light sign.
25:41 Hanging the frame around the word light sign.
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MATERIALS USED (affiliate links)

16 ft strand of lights with remote control with 60 lights (for small word light signs):

29 ft strand of lights with remote control with 80 lights (for medium word light signs):

36 ft. strand lights with remote control with 100 lights (for larger medium word light signs):



If you have never used a jigsaw, this 29-min free tutorial will show you everything you need to know about the jigsaw to get started. You’ll be on your way to making your word light sign in no time:

How to Use a Jigsaw:

Check out my Project Gallery:

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Hollis2Hollywood says:

So how long until you make a “simpy” sign with lights? Merch too. I want dibs on the 1st simpy tshirt. lol btw, as always. great stuff. There are ppl who sell stuff like this on etsy n amazon for a lot n i can never find a font i like

D. Durand Worthey says:

Another great and informative video! I swear you could teach just about anyone to do just about anything related to DIY! You are a natural teacher and entertainer! You have a natural gift and look so comfortable and confident in front of the camera! Thank you much for being so incredibly awesome. Next stop, HGTV!

Isabelle Laval says:

Totally love your word art project! I think it would make a great touch for our new home. Thanks for running us through the computer part. I’m over 70 and for me that’d be the hardest part.
Many thanks

أوراق الخريف says:

عمل انيق جدا … استمري

Sulema Rob says:

Wow! So innovative!

mona godfrey says:

I would have put a light into the dot above the i, it would be cute to do!

Anne Megis says:

Love it!!!! I would use the word Aloha!!! Or California, in red!

Lori Jay says:

Fantastic diy!!!

Evelyn J. Amponsah says:

The word Art came out Fabulous, always love it when I get the notification bell. Thxs for sharing.

Sarah Ceja says:

Love it

Bekah Lynn says:

Really amazing!!!

Shannon Schwab says:

I bought similar lights last year at Christmas for a spray I made they were pretty, but battery hogs. I’m wondering if you had the same experience? My lights we on only at night, did not blink, and only on for 2 hours. I got about 4 hours of battery use.

Grecia Helena says:

Omg I just found your channel and I love it . Thanks you explain everything so well . Thanks

Ahyashah Ahmathya says:

Thanks for the tutorial! You totally have me wanting to go buy a jigsaw. ♥️ Question, is there a reason you didn’t use your Cricut to cut out the stencil?

Sara Walden says:

Awesome. Have you ever thought about purchasing a Silhouette Cameo. I have one and it is great for making stencils and cutting vinyl to put words on canvas, wood palet signs and such. Thanks for sharing your design.

Elizabeth G says:

I usually don’t like word art as decor, but this looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

India J. Vincent says:

Omg! Beautiful job. I love the way you disguised the extra cord and battery pack. Genius! Btw, I was watching tv about Hurricane Florence the same time your video was running. So when you said “Rasterbator” I swear I heard something else! Lmao!! I was like, “Wait, what did she say?!?”

Sis Shephard says:


Vic Covarrubias says:

Ma’am I cut as well. . My wife actually cut this style all the time. . .I use MDF.. . Really forgiving on the blade. . . Ide suggest using Bosch 101 ao. . . . . I use the Japanese brand but it’s the exact same. .. I feel well last longer and cut cleaner than you already cut. . .

Lorna's Handmade Soaps says:

Thanks for sharing another great idea.

Susanne LaCorte says:

Great job! Very Creative! I have a question regarding Beyond Paint. I’m in the process of painting a hutch and wanted to know, how would I clean the hutch after my project is complete? It’s going in my bedroom and if I need to dust it down, could I use a damp cloth or dry? Thanks

Lisa Wilcox says:

I am thinking for my shabby chic bathroom, doing l’amour…

Letisha NativeNYer says:

Awesome work!!!

1 year in the Making says:

U should make those and sell them I would so buy

tanya hamilton says:

You are a doll, this is simply beautiful. Because you explained everything so clearly and patiently showed us how to do it is the reason I subscribed. I can’t wait to try this….thanks so much for sharing.

Justyna Kosieradzka says:


Pam Groom says:

SO cool!

Oneinamillion says:


Anita Georgieva says:

WOW love this sign! It’s turn out so well! Definitely, want to try it at my home (when I own one :D)

Ronni Vlogs says:

Who actually watched it and made it

joyce kaishar says:

Loving this project!

caron1310 says:

This is awesome! Thanks for the info on those two websites. I’ve added them to my list of go-to sites.

diordiva says:

so cute!

TiaChii says:

This is SO pretty, and you can litterly use any word or object! Thank you for this diy explanation

Tamilwriters Society says:

Hi. This is hari from India. First of all, this is a cool work and cant believe a women doing this. Bcoz in India no women doesn’t know what is meant by plywood and seeing you literally playing with it creatively, I find you so sexy.

Pierrette Prepetit says:

I love it but I wish I could buy it

Zovesta Storm says:

Whenever I use a jigsaw, everything goes way off my marked line and it comes out terribly jagged. 🙁 Going to try this anyway! Thanks for the tutorial, can’t wait to try it 🙂

Kathleen Orce says:

HI! Would you be able to use hot glue for the wire attachment? Great project, love it!

Seek Wisdom says:


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