How To Build: Pallet Picture

Creating a picture out of old pallets


mourents katilik says:

what machine that you used to cut the maps?

Turing Quinto says:

i think you missed a lot of south east asian countries…

Joseph Usher says:

That won’t fit in the back of your go-kart.

Brassfield Zendejas says:

wood prix has very useful instructions with all details I need

Joey Abdul says:

You missed out the java, bali and celebes island of Indonesia… You have to download vector of world map… This is not accurate…

Diane Mitchell says:

That was fantastic! Thanks!

Puryear Eaker says:

If you want to make it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂

Mike Atencio says:

Buy a reciprocating saw with demolition long blades and cut through the nails instead of crow bar and hammer. I cut through the nails and it takes me a couple of minutes without back breaking work. Saw is $30. at Wal-Mart. Blades are $3.00 each

JURO Workshop says:

pretty cool.. however, really understand why you still need to put on the cut map here 3:29 then painting it…

Shantel Fullerton says:

Learn how to make it yourself with all details. Just google for ‘wood prix’ website:)

Zoey Flint says:

As seen in other comments I have to give my props to Hyezmar and his Woodworkinh Bible. If you have the skills, you might want to look him up in google.

tarnbrook says:

you missed out the UK!

Marcia Holdsworth says:

If you want to make it by yourself just go to woodprix page.

Creature says:

I love sped up sound of the hammer

Daniel Rangel Perez says:

Estás muy jodido Kon eso karnal

Yannick Palumbo says:

where are UK and JAPAN !!

Neil Munro says:

Nice, will only cost me a few thousand to buy that machine to make the map

boverus says:

Yea, where’s little old Blighty? Ha ha, great work buddy !

KI SS says:

Why is there no Japan?

James Ashby says:

U missed out New Zealand

Mariele De angeli says:


Romana Merlene says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google ‘woodprix’ :)))

Cory Medina says:

What’s the machine you used to cut the stencil with?

Petrik Oud says:

Back to Geography class for you.

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