DIY Wooden Wall Art – JUST TWO 2 x 6s! | Woodworking Builds

You won’t believe how easy this piece of wood art was to build. All you need is two 2 x 6s a 24 x 24 project panel from Home Depot, and some construction adhesive.

So how much style can you squeeze into one piece of wall decor and just a couple of 2x6s? #LetsDothis

Thanks to all of you awesome makers out there for inviting me to this years #WoodARTChallenge, I had a blast build this.

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This project is part of a Wood art challenge and collaboration, Remodelaholic has a playlist of all the projects here:

All of the other amazing projects are linked at the top of my Blog Post, (linked below)

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Modustrial Maker says:

Nice one Rick! I’m going to have to try a 3D wood “tile” project at some point here!

The Every Maker - Nick says:

At first I thought the pieces were placed randomly, until you put it on the wall. I really like the pattern, very nice!

BJ Kerstetter says:

Why did you use construction adhesive instead of wood glue? Awesome art btw, love it!

Samuel Roberts says:

That’s so simple but so cool!
Great job!!!

SnowHunter says:


Third Coast Craftsman says:

killer job on the video man! that edit was awesome!

Alaye Jon Briggs says:

Wow… looks awesome @woodworklife

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I dig it, Rick! It turned out really sharp looking!

Dylan Thomas says:

Hey I really enjoyed the video I’ve been in a funk and really interested in going out to the garage and making Man glitter “sawdust” but this video made me perk up and think to myself hey that looks fun I should try that!! I enjoyed the music also thanks again

Roozbeh Farhadi says:

I love working with pine wood because it has beautiful lines and grains. This turned out nice

Kyle Hagerty says:

i wanna make this my entire wall now

David Beckwith says:

I tried to smack the like button now my screen is cracked…

Pneumatic Addict says:

Very cool video bro. Nicely done.

Mikasun says:

I love the way it looks but that finish is to much for my taste

Micayla says:

Nooooo, stop leaning over the table sawww.

Hand Tool Rescue says:

This is that new hotness.

Seth Galitzer says:

This piece is super cool! Love the geometric design, the depth, the scale. I wish it was bigger. 🙂 Makes me want to touch it. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Cahill says:

Hi, you can use painters tape doubled up on both sides of the blade if you dont have a zero clearance insert available. Actually just used that method on mine for the small rips that were getting caught between the blade. Very dangerous otherwise. Try it and let me know if it works for you. Take care & thanks for sharing.

Jonny Builds says:

I dig it! Cool design, and very doable. Nice job, Rick!

Figments Made says:

I love how accessible you made this project! And it’s such a neat pattern. Just smack it! 😉

wood 4 nothing says:

Cool wall art ,top job.
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

presbarkeep says:

Would have liked a nude stain, or just clear coat, to let the natural shape of the wood create its own shadows and contrast rather than try to force something with walnut stain.. but.. still looks neat.

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Looks good! Do you think you could apply the Shou-sugi-ban finishing technique to this? Possibly for an outdoor patio piece.

Infinite Craftsman says:

Super easy, super accessible!

Bearded Penguin says:

Nice piece and super simple.
However, aside from being made of wood isn’t the #WoodARTChallenge supposed to be square?

Broken Wave says:

Stain isn’t a “finish”.

Ronna Keil says:


Norman Bott says:

Nice, really like the colour; makes a good acoustic diffuser as well.

YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Sweet project! Loved the editing improvements you did in this one, great job, Rick.

Bob Hochstadt says:

Very well done. So too is the opening video on your website. Your woodworking philosophy and tips are spot on. Thanks for posting.

Andrew Blair says:

…mayhaps share an image of the ‘art’ first to compel viewing the process…cheers,

Wood.Work.LIFE. says:

Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this challenge…internet? Check out all of the other awesome content at #WoodARTChallenge or check out all of the projects from the links on my website. or check out the playlist with all of the youtube videos,

Gladious789 says:

Love the drawn out arrow.

presbarkeep says:

0:35 a lynx? i see no links for a lynx. 🙁

Ugly Duckling House with Sarah Fogle says:

Awesome safety tips, Rick! My first try with a table saw (just a week or two ago) resulted in injury, so it’s important to go over those tips for beginners for sure. Great project!

Austin Barnett says:

Please list all supplies used in your projects in the description. I’m new to wood working and it would help a lot!
Even stains, length of nails or screws ect. for future videos.

Kaged Creations says:

Came out really nice, i’m enjoying the videos in this challenge

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