DIY Wood-Burned American Flag | Modern Builds | EP.18

Today on Modern Builds, we’re making an American flag, but not just any flag, we’re using a Japanese wood-burning technique called shou-sugi-ban. All of the equations are on my website below if you want to make a different size as well as a template for the stars.
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


Arturo Navarro says:

great work bro

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

Where did you get the pattern with the stars

Darren Wellhoefer says:

Im having trouble determining how wide and tall to make the star area. I want the entire flag to be 38 inches wide. What dimensions would you do the star square?

defiantlyabstrkt says:

Hey bud a biscuit joiner would help a lot for alignment purposes of the stripes in the flag. Looks awesome though, keep up the good work

Darren Wellhoefer says:

hey bud. great video. i have 1 question- do you cut both sides of each wood piece, or do u just cut just 1 side (to the stripes). Or is the way it comes from the shop a good solid cut side?

Dark Horse Woodworking says:

Super job my friend! You did the stars much much easier than I did, but I guess I’ll know for next time. Maybe you could swing by my channel a check out the flag I just finished. 🙂

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

Did you clean an wire brush the burnt wood

LuckingFegendary says:

I would totally do this with the flag of my county, except it would be boring, since it would only be 2 dark and 1 light stripe. (Austrian flag)

Austin Estep says:

dude I would love to have one of those that is really cool man

James Ryken says:

any ways to char it without expensive torches?

Kyle Cochran says:

Quick question did you print your template out on a regular 8.5X11 sheet of paper or different size?

MenAtWork says:

how much do you make a year after taxes selling this stuff

Arsnl206 says:

Oh man, this is awesome. Might have to make one!

Em Jay says:

You are extremely talented! Love all of your videos

Travis DeBeukelar says:

just made my first one today. used .40 cal spent bullet rounds as the stars. I’d send a picture but not sure where to send it to.

Juan manuel V says:

what kind of wood did you use??

Yee Yee 16 says:

How/where can you make a personal template? I’ve found nothing on the internet

Casey Keown says:

I meant to add the comment on this video. .4″ is 3/8 on your tape .4×16=6.4 so 6/16 (sixteenths being highest denominator on your average tape) reducing to lowest terms=3/8

Simon S says:

Would I be able to get the same effect using a bernzomatic hand torch?

William Poole says:

hey man nice job. where did you get your template?

Mustang Gregg says:

Great job, Brother!

Chris Parker says:

Very nice flag. The char technique is always fun to do. Great video.

Jeff Eager says:

love ur table saw guide ( level ) use the materials u hav at hand, nothing fancy. great video

Ernest Trzpuc says:

Really helpful dude thanks for the video, this will help me make america great again

AccuShred WastePro says:

I cant find the star template on your website! help?

Crystal Smith says:

If you wanted to seal it with a lacquer will the chard stripes seal n not flake off . I did one n sealed it with water base poly n it flaked

Nich Citarella says:

youre living in the past with on 13 stars on your flag ahhaha

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