DIY Wood and Resin Coasters

Making Wood In Resin Coasters. You can find random pieces of tree branches and turn them into something as cool as these resin coasters.

Written Version:

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********** Materials used **********
Epoxy resin Used 
Casting Resin
Optional Color:
5in PVC (Local home center)

********** Tools Used **********
Bandsaw –
10in Miter saw –
Sandpaper –
Wet Sandpaper Kit –
Vacuum Chamber

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DIY Creators says:

I think these came out pretty cool! With the holidays around the corner, these can be some cool handmade gifts. For more info on this check out the written article here:

rere nomad says:

thank you youtube for this recommendation. quite recently youve been getting it wrong. this question is for the author: do you keep all the projects you make? are they laying around your house? do you sell them? are you for hire?

Jeanne Hinrichs says:

using mod podge to put a thin layer over a porous surface will help



Rational Viking says:

I love your creativity 😀

HIPPO Big&Strong says:

Wow! Thats nice)

dillon moore says:

Never seen a woodworker using a sawsall for a chainsaw, cool ideal tho

Jennie Smythe says:

You should sell these. I’d buy them. I love the all clear ones !!!

sara janot says:

If i may suggest you can get those coasters back to a full clear appearance to learn more about polishing and fine grit sanding maybe visit your local automotive collision repair shop. It is possible to get the full clear effect back,the resin is very tuff stuff but it is possible.

TheHobbyShopFilms says:

I love working with epoxy resin, you can use a heat gun or torch to get the bubbles out also. You can also be careful when you mix the resin to not introduce air.

Mike G. says:

Man, that is a great project!!! I love how you ACTUALLY take us along for the journey while doing your projects. A lot of other videos have DIY in the title and it’s just a video of them running through a project with no explanation!!! Keep up the great work, God bless,and greetings from Jersey bud!!!

Marcelo Owczarek De Sa says:

Muito lindas, peças únicas e que com certeza vai agradar quem receber de presente. Pelo menos foi o que pensei na hora: presentear a quem amo.

Lucas Hartmann says:

Cool. Maybe putting an entire branch in an entire pipe, cast, cure, miter cut, and then coat with a little more resin? Could give you more coasters / time.

tubehows4life says:

How long for the resin to get hard enough to put a heavy coffee cup or beer glass on it without denting or scratching?

mts0628 says:

Another wonderful creation. For the edges, I was thinking like a gold flake or paint. Or, as you have mastered LEDs, maybe install a flat battery with a pressure switch or on off switch and some LEDs. Without either though, these still turned out fantastic!

Modustrial Maker says:

cool little project Glen! The silicone tube explosion happens when there is cured silicone blocking the nozzle, and backpressure from squeezing the caulk gun causes it to blow out. When I use a silicone tube again, I like to take a thin long screw and twist it into the nozzle by hand, then pull it straight out. The threads of the screw will pull out the cured silicone that is blocking the nozzle.

Something From The Shed says:

Hey Glenn. These are awsome and definatley a weekend project. Love your work buddy. Keep it up.

Russell Anderson says:

Nice project!! Something that’d help with the bubbles coming from the wood would be to stabilize it first
Very much enjoyed your video and gave it a thumbs up also

Tony Harris says:

Great video showcasing the results of your experimentation. With the second try and adding the wood during the first pour, I am curious as to what would be the bubble outcome if you added the resin, sprayed the alcohol mix to begin the bubble release and then placed the wood on top. I may have to try that myself at some point. Thanks again for your creativity.

Woodden says:

Looks cool and should last and work for a very long time. Nice idea.

Lex Boegen says:

I’ve been able to reuse a tube of caulking by putting in a long nail (I like aluminum gutter spikes for this) that is a snug fit in the opening. The key is to get a nail longer than the plastic spout so you can be sure that it reaches past the spout into the center of the tube. I then take a piece of duct tape and carefully wrap it around the nail and nozzle both, ensuring that there are no gaps or wrinkles in the tape. Basically making a tape “flag” to seal off the opening from any air intrusion. This has worked well for me for storing it for many months, although eventually the caulk will harden in the tube anyway. To use it again, just run a knife along the tape flag and remove it and the nail.

I made a casting decades ago of a leaf in a sea shell, and over time the resin has turned from clear to amber, but it probably wasn’t a UV-stable casting resin. Casting resin is fun though. I like the way you experiment with techniques to see what works and what doesn’t. Keep up the good work.

Jonn says:

I love your channel man. Especially the smaller things. A lot of them turn into Christmas presents for people who also love them. Thanks.

Beedy KH says:

Very nice

Miguel A. Wilder says:

Those are very nice bro. How would a flower hold up during the same process?

My Natural Element says:

You should watch this (to learn about the vacuum chamber and epoxy):

Brian Prusa says:

These turned out awesome Glen. Keep it up with the great projects!

rnttreed says:

Use a pressure pot instead of a vacuum chamber. Let it cure in the pressure pot. Vacuum pulls a lot of bubbles out taking forever and very messy cause the bubbles rise. Pressure squeezes the bubbles until they are so small you don’t see them. If you watch Peters channel called shop time, he made a video going over the difference and shows results too.

Jeanne Hinrichs says:

check out craftklatch she uses a silicone mold to make coasters
your work is awesome

段善人 says:

Epoxy everywhere

Jacqueline Le says:

Cool! I made something similar except I put dried flowers on the wood before putting on the resin/epoxy

SaltyBro says:

I was literally just thinking about doing this

Make Something says:


Kirtlon Cashie says:

Very creative sir I’ll give this a try

Jazz says:

Missed opportunity to integrate one or two LED’s inside the coasters, maybe for another project?

Paul says:

shop time did a video on using a pressure chamber rather than vacuum to remove bubbles

arnold kokonya says:

I was planning to ask you a question but it seems you have already answered it. I wanted to ask you if you can include colour but you already did it. Love the video. Totally do.

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