DIY String Art, Corinne VS Pin #30

Strings ATTACHED, muthafucka.

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Ashley Daves says:

“ Nailed It!” Pun city

Gravitation3Beatles3 says:

I would have just nailed the nails on the paper and then pull it out

Never Nikki says:

Am I the only one who don’t knows what gfy means

Celina says:

Sometimes I forget they’re married. Anyone else think it’s an asexual relationship?

Misas_ Stuff says:

Do fracking edible squishies

Jeri Carpenter says:

Make a galaxy cake

Hi I'm Ky says:

Did she ever finish the threadbanger one?

Martyna Weclawowicz says:

You *wood* idn’t believe it but I couldn’t find any wood

Noronna Brown says:

Do diy rose cake plz plz plz!


You are entertaining! This is my first time seeing you and your channel! I’m a fan! I couldn’t stop laughing! Awesom!

MaKayla Gonzalez says:

First video I watched and I already love you

SaltyH2 says:

I’m now realizing Corinne called nails “cute”.
That is like saying a peice of paper looks cute

Claire Police says:

Corrine buying unnecessary crap throughout this is ME

Smooshy Squishy says:

Did they even kiss?

Jeannie Zhang says:

What does gfy mean other than good for you?

xXFaith EditsxX says:

I love galaxy

Avery Rose says:

Please make Jelly Flower lipstick!

Sierra Collins says:

Put stuff back where you found it originally don’t be a rob. Jk he is great

Kiara's Yeemo Unicorns says:

*Who else wanted to see how the galaxy one turned out?*

Audrey Eichner says:

Omg I love your hair braided like that it’s so pretty

RoseWolf TV says:

I had to do this pin in art class, I fucking hated it.

thatdumbyoutubename says:

OMG corinne!!! WOOD you stop it with the puns already!!

Aunicorn 101 says:

I still like galaxies

shania Duff says:

Did you get the good wood

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