DIY Scrap Wood Quilt || Rustic Wall Art

In this video I’m showing how I make my rustic scrappy wood quits. You can use any kind of wood, but I used 1×2 furring strips..cut at 45 degrees on both ends. I used bead board for the backing, but I would recommend something thicker/stronger.
I used my miter saw, table saw, sander, and carpenters square for this project.
Stains I used:
Rust-Oleum aged wood accelerator
RustOleum Carbon Grey
RustOleum Vintage Aqua
You could seal this when your done, I chose not to. I will add a hanger to the back and display it as art..but you could use this same method to make tabletops.
Want to see more rustic DIY wall art? Here’s a few videos to check out:


Hoosierback Outdoors says:

Wow! That is awesome! How much to make one for me?

Backroad Freedom says:

That is so beautiful Lacy!!!!!!!!!!! Wow great job on that. I really like these kind of videos as well. Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful day my friend.

Kyleigh says:

Wow, that’s beautiful! I don’t think I would have the patience for it though!

Scotty Hill aka Catfishnfreak says:

Artist!!! Your work is amazing

Marty’s Crew: Our Family Adventures says:

Looks very good, Lacy! What a cool project!

Faith Channel says:

Absolutely love this lacy.. You are so talented! ✝❤ God bless you!

The Flying Jerzey says:

Very awesome. Do you ever do giveaways or sell your crafts?


Beautifully presented! I love watching your content! It’s always very well done thank you for sharing

Amanda Lee says:

This is beautiful Lacy..lovely video!!

Tim's World says:

Very well done. Don’t show my wife or I’ll be having to make one. Cheers

Worms Eye View says:

Looks Great lacy!

Plain 'Ole Chuck says:

beautiful project.. I love the rustic look… Great job !

If it fitz it bakes says:

That looks awesome! @ 5:15 you said doody… Haha excelent video

Deer Park Farmstead says:

Love it. I really thought that was a quilt. Smart thinking making the jig for the saw.

My Slice Of Heaven Outdoors says:

very nice project Lacy, it looks good

Jimmy C and Friends says:

Thats pretty nice Lacy. Thanks for sharing how its done!

Coffey Outdoors says:

awesome video hope you are staying dry

True North Angler says:

Very well done Lacy. Turned out really nice. I did notice you weren’t wearing your safety glasses when cutting the wood. Safety First Lacy! Other than that, another great project. I like your editing skills, I wish I can do that, need to practice more I guess.
Thumbs up from me.

Challenging The Outdoors says:

Looks great Lacy!

Bobby Pennington Adventures says:

I liked the way you did the intro. Well done project, it turned out great.

Christofix says:

WoW Lacy, this must have been a lot of work to make it! But the result is awsome!


That’s looks amazing Awesome video great job waiting for the next cheers

CojakSilverBack says:

Looks good, might consider getting a glue roller to help spread out the glue more evenly and get better adhesion from the piece. Also might put another large board over the top and set some weights/heavy objects on top to press it into the glue. will make for a stronger project and a safer rip on the tablesaw.

Allen Outdoors says:

Looks great I have no talent to do this. You make it look easy

The Cutting Board says:

This is so beautiful. I love the smell of wood.

Asgardian Adventures says:

Absolutely beautiful well done lacy I love it

Owens’ SCI Hobby Farm says:

Man, where are you getting these ideas?! Haha, this is Clayton btw, changed my name to my disadvantage without realizing… great video Lacy!

Bryant’s Outdoor Adventures says:

What length are the individual pieces cut to, tip to tip? Going to make one for a 4-H project

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