DIY Rustic Wood Wall Art || Christmas Scrap Wood Decor

Hello! We had a warm weekend here so I got out the tools and did a little woodworking project. I LOVE these scrappy wood signs, and wanted one with a Christmas-y theme to go beside my this is what I came up with.
I used cheap furring strips from Home Depot, but this would be a great way to use up some pallet boards!
i use my miter saw set at 45* to make all the cuts. I do not give my exact measurements for this sign, because your sign will differ!..and because I never got the tape measure out for this project! I believe it ended up being about 18″ square with the frame. You can leave the frame off, I just like to add one because it only costs about $1 more.
I used Rustoleum Barn Red stain, and I also used coffee for my other stain.
To add some variation to the boards, I dry brushed a bit of craft paint onto some of the pieces.
I will attach some sawtooth hangers to the back and it will be ready to hang!
Check out pinterest for more ideas on designs and colors! Thanks so much for watching!


Jessica Smith says:

That turned out awesome Lacy! Love wood projects. Thank You for sharing

P. Corona says:


pittiesmom10 says:

Awesome project!!!

Idiot Of The Day says:

Wonderful video my friend. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

John Ames says:

That’s pretty cool have to give that a try myself love your ideas getting lots of ideas for Christmas projects

Elena Riabinina says:

Wow I really love your work Thank you dear ..I love this masterpiece you made you are very creative Super video !! you nailed it with this project

Pogues Mahone says:

You are damn near ready to open up your own shop…clever girl

Reel Catfishing says:

Looks good. Nice carpenter square lol. Again u r super creative it really does look great. I’ve never used Pinterest but alot of people get great ideas from there!!

Taybug Christine says:

Wow! You are so talented with wood! I love it!

Jefferson Einstein says:

Wow I would have never guessed those were furring strips from the thumbnail. That looks awesome, great job Lacy! Oh and in the construction field we call those speed squares but as long as you know how to use it who cares about the name:} Take care!

Learning Habit says:

Hello I am not serving from my home but I’m serving from my office I watched your video it is Awesome thank you very much for sharing. Hope will visit my house

Steve Cox Drums says:

Love it! Looks like a patchwork pattern for a quilt!! Very cool!

George McVlog says:

Excellent work on the star and frame. More than I would want to get into, in terms of medium and tools, but it is quite nice. Presently I am exploring my feminine side I guess… cross stitching and needlework 🙂

Wrenches and boards says:

Awesome video really nice simple project. Thank you for sharing friend.

PeeperDawn says:

Looks fantastic!

Strung Out Outdoors says:

Well done!

RKJ Fishing says:

Great work Lacy that looked really cool! Good work using the angle square thingy LOL!

Mickey XOXO says:

This is super cool! You are soo talented! Great job!

If it fitz it bakes says:

Awesome! I did a chevron headboard a couple years ago and there was a ton of trial and error haha… Lots of 45° and measure check and measure agains haha

Danger Games Tyler says:

Great video lacy you are crafty

Passion for Hunting and fishing says:

Hello friend I see you finished your Beautiful sweater and congratulation nice video you are very creative

Farmall Fanatic says:

Being from the country, I am all about rustic, as you can imagine, nice job!

Doctor Fishing and Travel says:

Hey new sub superb work….keep it on


Cool video I’m thinking I may start making some routed signs.

Kowan Gross says:

I saw u at the dentist today

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