DIY Geometric Wood Wall Decor

I’ve always loved Aleksandra Zee’s work and her badass -ery so I decided to channel her today! I’m showing you how I DIY’ed my first geometric wood wall decor. Hope you like it as much as I do! Stay rad xx.


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Benny Chavez says:

The music is that is playing is really cool. Nice decor also nice #livingtodiy video, i like it to be violet blue also a future #diy i would just install solar panels. thank you Much Love Rachel M.

The Emma says:

i really like this one! i could even see it as a side table. you could add a glass top to it to protect the design

Ellie Donoghue says:

Gorgeous. So many colour possibilities. ( I like the nails btw )

Kenneth Barr says:

It all makes sense now, that’s what the bench is for! Lol dope project!

afifah H says:

Dope!! It looks super nice!

Suggestion: I love some fabric-related diys!

Chris Castaneda says:

You gotta be more careful when you use your table saw!!! Most accidents occur while using it,reason? You set the height of your blade to high!! Just go like 1/8 of an inch higher than the thickness of your material!!! Suggestions!! Probably make a video of a push stick.For seamless holes while your nailing,invest in a 23 gauge headless nailer

Jadeanna Garrett says:

Blanket ladder
More signs

Mariah Sarceda says:

I really love this

Eduardo Jaimes says:

Nice job girl… I’m new to woodworking, slowly getting all my tools and learning… But next time why don’t you try putting the nails thru the side at an angle downward and that would hide them… Just a suggestion… Like I said I’m new to woodworking lol

Dustin James says:

I think this looks great!

Priya Patel says:

This looks awesome! By the way, where did u get that shadow box that had the jersey in it? Im looking for one like that. I love the wood decor really want to try and make it!❤❤

gatorred789 says:

I’ve always wanted to do this. I haven’t gotten around to it. I would use orange-y stain, browns, and natural wood.

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Nice, I think if you wanted to hide the nails you could toe nail them. Maybe just wood glue? Thanks for sharing.

ToolBox Divas says:

This is beautiful! Love how clean it is.

Alice Zahradnik says:

Love this!! Just found your channel and absolutely love your content. I have been searching for a good DIY after seeing Aleksandra’s work on Pinterest. Thank you!

Katie Williard says:

I LOVE this! I love the black/white! I’d maybe add turquoise or a robin’s egg blue and a rust/orange color. Just for a pop of color. Even add faux flowers to the center for a spring look. Always love your DIYs.

angela ortiz says:

Nicesssss I love that

Dina Cyla Danny says:

Cali at the background. I JUST CAN’T HAHAHAHAH

Sirina torres says:


Meanne77 says:

really like the design, especially the small triangle bit <3

Laura Schmitt says:

Great job! But ahhhh don’t follow through the side of the blade on the table saw with your left hand- incredibly dangerous. Use a scrap piece of wood or something to keep the pressure. I would hate to see you hurt yourself!

gatorred789 says:

Keep up with the power tools. It separates you from the others.

LetItRaynne says:

Girl you hit 51K fantastic!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I actually like the nail holes. If you don’t want the holes in another one, and you have some patience, you could just use glue. It would be plenty strong. you would just have to glue some, let it dry, come back and glue more, etc. I like the colors you chose, Rachel! Nice job!

Thahawam Yashan says:

niceee, can you do a video on how to decorate with wine bottles please

Ted Pastrano says:

Another fantastic job! I’m planning on channeling some Rachel Metz badass-ery this weekend’s project. I managed to hide a lot of the nail holes using dark stains and a 23 gauge brad nailer or micro-pinner instead of a 18 gauge brad nailer. It doesn’t hide them completely but I feel it’s not as noticeable.

Adrianna Alvarado says:

Sick, you could even go around later and diy to make that a table top!

Jocelyn O'Halloran says:

Absolutely LOVE.IT!!!!!!

Rob Dawley says:

I really enjoy following your channel for your fresh designs it has given me so many ideas to better my projects. Please be careful using the table saw. It is by far the most dangerous tool in any woodworking shop. In the video your left hand stayed on the board as you past the blade. If the wood kicked for any reason your hand could have been pulled into the blade. Make sure to use a push stick to keep your hand away from the moving blade. I mean no disrespect and think it is awesome you are using more power tools. Just want to be able to see more and more videos from you and don’t want you to get seriously hurt.

Rose Reyes says:

Yippe! Super inspired!

Laura Filby says:

I think you did a bloody BRILLIANT job! I LOVE your design and I like the nail, it adds a little something something. I was wondering how you learned to use power tools and how do you put your ideas into action? I hope you have a great week, I can’t wait for your next video.xx

Leyla Garcia says:

I should make this for my door for my room

Elysia English says:

Thanks for this DIY! I will be creating one of these this week!

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