DIY Fractal Wood Burn On 5/8″ AC Sanded Pine

A video using my DIY Lichtenberg device on 5/8″ AC Sanded Pine Plywood. Check out my playlist “Lichtenberg Fractal Imaging” to learn how to build your own device or just to check out some burning videos. CAUTION: THIS CAN KILL YOU if you make a mistake.


Catodonic says:

At the end, you mention that you’re going to “clean this up”. What, exactly, does that process involve?

mad but happy me says:

how did you clean off the charcoal/burnt wood to reveal the detail please?

Db ba says:

that ting scare me but looks great

Kay Mutua says:

what am i doing with my life.. i have a math test n the morning

Edwing Villeda says:

how come you never let the two ends as they burn to the center to touch each other?
Is it a safety issue?
or because If they touch can it explode?

TS TheBeav says:

Best I have seen yet

kmeyer52172 says:

Hi Napalm……I’ve been watching all your Lichtenberg videos and started doing some of my own on various reclaimed lumber that I have laying around. I am using a neon bulb transformer at 12kv 35 ma. I get great results and detail but not liking the staining I get with the baking soda solution on certain wood types. Some turn green. I have seen some folks using Ammonium sulfate and aluminum sulfate to get great results and no staining. I’ve tried it but so far the results are no detail and just straight burns. Have you used other catalysts besides baking soda? Also…..any recommendations for best thickness and ply wood types? Looking to do some larger pieces and using wood dyes to add some color to these pieces. Thanks in advance for your input


This is so dangerous. My dad died 6 days ago from getting electrocuted doing this for a casket he was building . Please please Becareful guys.

Jimmie Porter At Stuart Arts says:

Great video! Here is a wood burning tool I made that you might like:

Jeff Slover says:

Awesome burn, have you ever tried to clean the area that has already been burned, so it’s not as easily conductive before doing another burn? It would have to be a 2 day process I would guess, do an initial burn, clean the wood, let it dry, then set it up for another, it may decrease the cross-arch from the first part of the pattern to the second. Just an idea, I have watched a couple of them and think it is a cool process, and great final result.

T.T. M. says:

how many volts is your transmitter?

Mike Canaris says:

What do you use to clean the burn area without smudging it everywhere?

shams sanam says:

is 2000 volt okey for this?

陈远锋 says:

good job, beautiful!

Sumidu Dimith says:

plz give my your transformer details ..

qiang nie says:

What kid of wood did you use for this one?

Михаил Исаев says:

Класс спасибо за видео было очень полезным! Хочу с Вами поделиться изготовлением Табурета под старое дерево Очень красиво посмотрите

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

What do you do with the finished products.

Jessica Daniel says:

it looks like the one I did but it was a longer piece of wood so it was bigger

Oily's Humble Home aka The Oily Prepper says:

I love these! I would love to have one that has the fractal burns on the upper left and the lower right and then our family name or my YT name in the center. Just beautiful!

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

Are you putting new nails in each time you burn

着活 says:


David Smith says:

What solution are you using for the conductivity

David Smith says:

How does stain look on it? Does it hide detail?

Mark Abadir says:

This is very pretty! Do you sell these? I’m getting my thick wires soon, the rest is already set up. How do you price them, if you’re selling them?

Catie Gus says:

Love this! Do you sell any of your work?

Mr. Paz says:

How’d you clean it after burning?

Jo3l says:

Do you think a welder generator that put out 300+ volts will work?

mironyuk says:

Do we need Amps or Voltage to do this art..

vachevyguy says:

Has any 1 tried this on pressure treated wood say 4×4 6×6 posts

Frank Smiley says:

I have never rated anybody or anything on YouTube but it is hard not to rate Napalm. In order to understand and appreciate what he is doing, one has to watch all his videos. The safety and the precautions that he is taking and explaining in order to make the transformer to do what he is telling us, it is unbelievable. He has responded to my question like a good friend who is concern and I will copy paste this comment on all his videos. I understand and respect if someone wants to click the “dislike” icon but, before you do this please watch all his videos, especially the 4 videos that he talks about how to connect the transformer. Because, we click the “like” icon we can help to save somebody’s life and, we all owe him for what he is saying and one should not start anything until he has watched all of his videos. Every word he says has a meaning a lot of information without wasting your time. Lucky people who have him as a friend and lucky us that at least we got chance to listen and watch his video and get to know him here. I wish God could make more like him. Thanks Mr. Porter for all your videos.

Josh Fairhead says:

What would happen if you put three pegs in for + and three pegs in for – across from each other? essentially parallel wiring both sides?

Kirk Frei says:

Nice job, what transformer set up are you using here.

jdekayable says:

I think it would be could be cool to burn in a fractal and use it for a mold to make little trees

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