DIY Botanical Wall Art

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We made DIY botanical wall art using layered photos of leaves and flowers printed on three separate transparencies, layered between four sheets of acrylic, and framed on the top and bottom with wood and brass hardware.

■ 18×24 (1/16” thick) acrylic sheets (or size desired)
■ Brass thumb screws
■ Acrylic cutting blade
■ D ring holder
■ Sawtooth hanger
■ Drill
■ Drill bits
■ Thin pieces of wood wide enough for your acrylic
■ Miter saw
■ Countersink drill bit set
■ Wood oil
■ Safety Glasses

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■ Fujifilm X-T10 (main camera)
■ 35 mm F 1.4 lens (makes things look fancy)
■ Panasonic DMC-FZ300 (vlog and zoom camera)
■ Microphone
■ Main tripod
■ Pan head for tripod
■ Joby GorillaPod tripod
■ Ballhead for tripod
■ Gearbest gimble
■ Lighting kit

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Waves by Joakim Karud


Joshua Higgins says:

Simple and beautiful, I’d love to try making something like that! Thanks for the video 😀

Royals says:

Aww this is so cute keep it up guys!!

Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos says:


Hubbard's Handmade says:

4:04 there is the E&K we know and love! Great project/video!

Sean Hogan says:

The more fun you have, the more fun we have.

Tom's Dreamshop Worx says:

Cool project although I don’t know how you get any work done laughing all the time :). You can use your table saw to cut the acrylic. That way they would all be the same size.  Read up on flame polishing the edges after, it looks cool.

Mr. Frogman99 says:

That’s really beautiful! Are you gonna do any Halloween projects 😉

Muddy Fences says:

That looks fantastic. It seems like the art options are limitless. How about a planets / space theme, or some cool sci fi theme.

Conor Mahoney says:

Could you use actual fauna between the acrylic?

Yak Eru says:

For the next one, maybe an elevation map, a top view of a nice place, like a botanical garden, or plaza with interesting architecture, where you put the top of the plants/roofs on a different layer than the ground … or different layers of a canyon or mountain … so many possibilities 😀

Wolfwood says:

Use LED lights below and above to light up the acrylic and hide the lights inside the wood panel.

Edit: lol, few more people suggested it. But it would prob. look very nice. Maybe use a battery to supply the power so no cables are hanging from the frame.

WoodyWoodworker Fuller says:

Nice !!!!

Icefreak says:

you guys should totally make one with the two of you!

E S says:

another beautiful project! For the next one you should use a pic of my dogs ☺

Raspberry Pi says:

You could make one with ‘little techy bits’ in. Like a deconstructed circuit board!

Works by Solo says:

This is such a cool idea! The possibilities are endless for the imagery. Gots me thinkin’! Thanks!

Glowing Dude says:

2:00 the best part lol

Joanna García says:

Hi! I’m concerned about the acrylic. With the time it won’t fade to yellow? – Amazing tutorial!

Le PicBois says:

I love it! You two guys are so cute together! Match your 2 faces on the next one! 🙂

SDG Danny says:

When I saw the whole layering concept, I knew what to suggest right away. *Tony Stark’s plans for the Mk 1 armour from Iron Man 1!*
Edit: Video for reference:

Grace Hammond says:

City sky lines layered on top of each other with stars as one layer and like buildings and cars as another? X

Ben Tran says:

Really love your stuff guys, keep it up!!

G33v3s says:

Pressed flowers would be cool!

Jackman Works says:

Where the F do you get the Frank Howarth clamps? Link me up bro! 😀
Also, you totally need some Pat/Paul bromance artwork in the next frame.

Neeraj Bhatara says:

It looks awesome . Keep going

Jorji Costava says:

Dude u guys shouldnt make more videos
It’s soo good

Logan Lovell says:

you could even take it the next step (and make it a bit basic) and throw some RGb leds on it 🙂 may look cool?

Aditya Suri says:

Omg i love your videos and i love watching you both. Cuteness overloaded

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