Amazing Techniques Extreme Fast Woodworking Creative Smart – Work Wooden Lathe Art

Amazing Techniques Extreme Fast Woodworking Creative Smart – Work Wooden Lathe Art
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معاذ معاذ says:

………………. *****………..

Мустанг Хаджам says:

Я понял он медузу хотел сделать ,а потом передумал и сделал ху йню . Просто делать нечего.

davros OfSpyro says:

Blunt chainsaw and how not to use one.

Đức Sơn Nguyễn says:


Сергей Томчик says:

И зачем я это посмотрел ???

Joe Baugh says:


mmapn says:

Nice Art work.

Nicolás Pimentel says:

I love those security shoes

Mueed Jamal says:

THAT REAMING TOOL 18:40 was the best thing !

Stan Kahn says:

декоративные дрова

William Imre says:

Wow!!! Absolutely no safety!!

Arunabh Hazarika says:

So basically a lathe machine .

Johan Hattingh says:

Bad Shoes ….dangerous

Delta dawn Green says:

I think it’s an incense burner??????????

JeevesReturns says:

Next week will you show us how to reattach a morons toes?

Lucas Majer says:



I think its very strong piece of wood

D K says:

Make some shoes for yourself.

Monty Chu says:

you are wearing sandals while using a chainsaw!?

Emma Mae says:

It looked better as a tree. Thanks, shit-head.

монте- карло says:

шлёпанцы на ногах… – ахуеть.

diegomon cl says:

Gastar tanta madera, destruir un árbol para hacer esto me parece realmente una estupidez pero bueno es mi opinión solamente mía y nada más que mía.

fanatamon says:

It’s trumps cock


Clearly skilled at wood turning but doesn’t know jack about sharpening a chainsaw

Adriano James says:

cant watch anymore, don’t care how nice the work turns out to be, but when you work so unsafe it really doesn’t matter…

pentearmacaco says:

always use cheap plastic sandals when swinging huge pieces of wood on the lathe. I also love the suicide tool rest. Nice open belts &pulleys. Can’t wait to see the safety glasses.

Doe-Z says:

Look at all the pussys in the comments… SMH

sachin 9642 says:

Stupeds! how much wood wasted??

Дима Ф says:

Что это за шампиньон такой получился?

Tиана G says:


Scott Dean says:

Provide a PO Box and I’ll send you a chain file.

agincourt141 says:

Great skill on show but I’m not sure open toe sandals and chain saws are a good mix! Enjoyed the video tho.

Jon Ix says:

Всё ждал когда он споткнется о свои же тапки и Напорется на свою же бензопилу .а вообще дерево жалко, Хотя китайцам наш лес жалеть не приходится


Westing of wood

BO OM says:

Красивая пепельница !

Torros666 says:

well this guy earned 1$ for it, his boss earned 100$ for sitting on ass, client paid 200$ for this.

John McDermott says:

I was going to ask who uses an electric chainsaw… Then I see the flip flops.

A G says:

wut da faq is dat?

Adriano James says:

I guess if you want to wear pajamas when you work in a wood shop is your choice , but I cringe when I see someone operating lathes, saws, etc with sandals on….

Charles Heindrichs says:

Comment perdre un pied ? c’est la bonne méthode

Luis Alberto D'Ardis says:

Amazing Techniques Extreme Fast… accelerated video speed.

Metro Liberty says:

remember kids, sliders are the best footwear for using a chainsaw.

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