Whirlpool bath plumbing tutorial

Plumbing techniques for using the Waterways Smart plumb jetting system. DIY whirlpool plumbing kits available from Izzi Manufacturing.


SergiusR78 says:

terminal pump cover all crap and blocked waterways, dick getting at. Clay spent 3 times more than you need. Ushlepok shit !!!

John Arnold says:

This kid does not really care about the customer or his job, it’s just a pay check to him– you can just tell,Sloppy & I don’t care attitude, applicator is wat too big, too much glue on many & others do not have glue all the way around connections. I’de say there has to be partial blocking the way he’s glues this all together. I appriciate them doing the video but he should be more professional. I would not buy from this company after seeing this.

Kira Yamato says:

can u put the link to do it ur self system i would like to get one

erader24 says:

20% of the cost of tub is glue

jwj2xx4 says:

Skip to the best part here: 4:57 😉 Enjoy…

Yusuf Limdiwala says:

great thanks

barrie joke says:

you messy bastard

matt just says:

OMFG what an amateur … gluing was haphazzard at best – use a pipe applicator!
 Also this technology is Waaay behind the times even for 2013. Whirlpool types have long been associated with bacteria / cross contamination.

I'm Legend says:

عايز ن

نشوف تركيب اسابك ال ميدان

netcommercial says:

(y) Thanks for sharing this, appreciate it. Production shop does not care about wasting glue (comments below) glue is cheaper then a journeyman installer.

WB3LA says:


David Perez says:

no need for primer?

franandkathy says:

My dog can do a better job that shit looks horrible and will leak in a couple of months

Aynsley Paterson says:

Take some pride in your work. Pedantic I know, no one will see it but be a bit less sloppy with the sealant You probably waste enough to do another full install. As I said, I’m being pedantic but it gets my goat up ffs man. Thorough work though.

Larry LeFoy says:

This is truly  haphazard glue application. I would not want to demonstrate this procedure in such a sloppy manner.


change work

Hangzhou CASA Baths N' Showers says:

nice work but the glue is like everywhere..

TheFordtrucknut says:

whats the point in putting a Y on the pump output? why not jut cut the main line and do a direct hook? saves you 2 fittings and the extra hose.

Sean Bentson says:

This is cool and all like a how is’t made episode but damn dude could you at least pretend to appreciate your job? Whoever taught you was a dickhead!

Betty Boop says:

All this I’d good info, but how do I add an inline heater?

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