Tiny House Plumbing Day 1… sorta

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thereturnof goldberg says:

what made you choose the rings instead of the metal clamps. just bought the pex, myself. with those rings. seems like a nice tight grip. was wondering if the hot water would make the rings expand. I can’t WAIT to start building. still stockin up.
Great job, so far. learning ALOT from your videos

Heather F says:

Hi Derek….Home Depot and Lowes..you can return most things. especially equipment. If you purchased that Bit from them. you can save a “bit” to get your new bit.. get it ;).

Ka says:

Washing dishes in cold water might hurt your hands after a while and it will be hard to clean pots and anything sticky with cold water alone.

LAM CAM says:

Just wondering where you will store all the tools you invested in for this project and your bikes?  Storage shed?

StarFlower99654 says:

Yay, I am so happy you are choosing to harness the sun’s free energy. It is certainly the prime location to do that. I live in Alaska and want to put up a solar panel even if I only get a little use of it, I feel it will offset costs enough to be worth it. And regardless of what folks post below about washing dishes; they have never been (primitive) camping here we just call it camping, LOL

Nicole Trainor says:

Welcome back!!

Susanelizabeth Turner says:

Welcome back!

Olivia Bartz says:

I lived in a caravan without hot water (or any plumbing at all for that matter) for nine months. It’s fine. If you want hot water, you boil a jug. Ta-da! Lol 🙂


SO HAPPY you guys had a great time but we missed you guys so welcome ” home” <3

Arlene says:

May want to think about no hot water in the “Kitchen” that is the place Hannah spends all her time, also a sanitary issue…..

mimisavegan says:

Check out chud327. This guy lives in Florida and did a water tank outside and painted it black. It is heated by the sun. Paddle bit and a hammer drill will make short work of those holes.

John Meadows says:

OK new to the chanel. came over from tiny house custom. started laughing to myself when you said “I think I have everything.” I knew better. lol good job on the house. like the videos too. I will keep watching. You keep making.

Elle Ⓥ says:

Won’t no hot water at your sink be quite a pain? washing hands, doing dishes etc. Oh, and welcome home 🙂

Rebecca Tillman says:

If you are drilling bigger holes- try Holesaw bits not auger bits.  Holesaw bits are round circle bits at the drill end with serragated edges like a hand saw.  Holesaw bits are used for drilling doorknob holes and deadbolt lock holes in solid wood doors but they come in many sizes and work great for plumbing and electrical holes for running the wres and pipes.  Also most drills have an adjustment for their torque power near the collar, usually.  This is so you can adjust the strength of the drill so you don’t screw in screws too deeply.  Try adjusting the collar to full torque for drilling big holes.  The right tool for the right job makes all the difference.  Have you considered using or temporarily using an on demand gas water heater (portable camper style about $200 or less) so you guys can have hot water immediately?  You can get them on Ebay and most people who build tiny homes use them and love them.  Then you can have hot water sooner and take your time building your permanent facilities.  Also it would make the tiny home more complete and movable for a guest cottage, a future vacation home on a separate property, a rental or even an asset you could sell when you don’t need it anymore.  You might even just want to move it around on your property as most people add or change projects and uses of the land over time.

dizzyswimmer says:

Not that much work to run hot water to the kitchen. I think you may regret that in the future. Every thing looks great though. Good work !!

jknocal says:

you need a hole hog .

eric jones says:

I have a lot of experience with plumbing and you almost always have to run somewhere to get something to finish the plumbing job.

Kari Eats Plants says:

you know we are going to want you to build something else when this is done so we can watch.

Cali Black says:

LOVE, welcome HOME <3

Darren Gaudry says:

So glad you are back on the Tiny House project…

VeganVapes says:

“The only hot water we will have is in the shower” …grounds for divorce. 
 You need a paddle bit to drill through studs.

Mr Nate says:

hello, love your videos. I’m not sure if you have ever said but, do you know what your total grows weight of your tiny house once you completed it? i’m asking because I’m planning one out now just wondering if i will need a new truck, mine now can tow 6,500 lbs.

Brandy Leigh says:

Happy to have you back 🙂

Karen K. says:

!100% SOLAR!!!!! Yipppppeeee!!! GREAT CHOICE!!!!!!

Janice M says:

I find myself saying “noooo dont be over yet” when I hear you say heading home…..man these vlogs are not long enough lol

Alexis Belon says:

you guys have inspired me to want a tiny house reaaaaaallly bad…

btw, i just put up a new vlog too!

Brian Beck Brians Pro Photography says:

On the topic of hot water, you could at least put the pipe in the wall in case later you change your minds/

Mrs Plant says:

I find it so odd that people can’t just compliment and encourage. Why do they feel the need to question your decisions? Making suggestions…that’s one thing. But, the blatant rude comments are so disturbing to me. Let’s all try to be encouraging, supportive, and if you think you have a REALLY good idea that Derek hasn’t thought of, make considerate suggestions.
OK…got that off my chest!
Derek…You’re doing an amazing job, as usual. Enjoying each phase of the process! ~mrsplant

This Beach Mom says:

I like the concept and saving money aspect but for me that would be extremely claustrophobic even if i didn’t have my kids. good luck!

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