symmon shower valve no hot water plumbing diy how to

symmon shower valve no hot water plumbing diy how to

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Brett B says:

Steve is a pro.

Lex Vance says:

Nice fix Steve! Now they can wash their ol’ nasty butt.

scuba422123 says:

I like how they don’t tell you the lever jammed up…..I forced it until it broke no not gonna say anything like that!

H EOJ says:

Good to see you rubbered up again…!!!

Claudius says:

She’s a squeaker!

cooldog60 says:

I have never seen those type of shower control. Are those just used in certain parts of the country?

Mark Powell says:

First comment

J Colt says:

Thanks Steven, Enjoyed!

Kevin Ruggerio says:

Great fix Steve. Good thing this call wasn’t as nasty as the clogged sink in the basement!! That was disgusting, pissing out the back door ugh!!

Robert Begley says:

The white diverter is tub only no shower

Armando Madrigal says:

I have never come across any diverters on the symmons valves i have worked on in my neck of the woods, watching these videos, i am ready, i even bought that tool you use, thanks steve

Don Burton says:

Nice work Steve, thanks for the tutorial!

gyver471 says:

Great job Steve it always sucks when the customer doesn’t tell us the lever jammed up that way we can go directly to the problem. Ain’t going to be pretty lol.

teh60 says:

I like that 4 in 1 tool that you used. Great job Steve.

Eddy says:

Outstanding vid … Nice cleaning trick with the plumbing brush … Did I mention that I was the first to comment … lol …

Michael Lee says:

Nice repair on shower .Steve Lav.

mrbing 70 says:

At least there’s no 3 copper tubes in this one to worry about spinnin’ off in the wall..

mark zorik says:

Nice work Steve, I have had to soak those in CLR or White vinegar to free them up. “When in doubt, change it out”. Scald gaurds are nice until they freeze up.

Dcdatruth85 says:

What’s the 4 way tool called?

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