Simple DIY Plumbing | Two Ingredients, Three Solutions!

Let’s keep it real, shall we? DIY’ing is all fun and games until a toilet is clogged, your sink will not drain the dye bath you just added or you go to shower saw dust off and have low flow. I mentioned last week I wanted to share some more of the nitty gritty to behind the scenes of running our home. This one is no different and I actually needed to fix these three things – so it went hand in hand for this week’s video! I’m going to show you three simples plumbing fixes with two basic ingredients. I did all three of these in less the 45 minutes and I think my plumber, Benny, would be proud. But he deserves the day off since it’s #NationalHugAPlumberDay ! Don’t be intimidated by stuff like this! You got this! Stay rad xx.

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TheCozyGrid says:

Thank you for making these kinds of videos Rachel, it’s really helpful! 🙂

gatorred789 says:

Use a tea kettle. It boils faster.

angela ortiz says:

That was helpful. Love ti

Veronica Sosa says:

I’m making my own kit. I’ve used the vinegar and baking soda too for my sink. These are very useful tips.

Breann Ault says:

I love how you say mini human it makes me laugh every time!!

Miss Secret says:

Hi are you an engineer

Lia says:

Omg those fucking post-it notes just made my day. Sorry I got distracted.. I’ll rewatch the video now. K bye.

idk says:

beautiful queennnnn

Benny Chavez says:

Great i need to hook my self up with this #livingtodiy should be something different. Thank you have a great weekend much love Rachel Mets.

DIY Huntress says:

I love those post-it’s on the mirror (I know that’s not what this video is about, but I have to give props for the post-it love). This DIY will be great when the boys leave their gross facial hair in the drain and don’t clean it. Sweett.

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