Short Circuited Brewers DIY How-to Plumbing and wiring Kyle’s Kettle and HLT

We port Kyle’s vessels and wire and install the elements.


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Andy Woolhouse says:

What’s that soup yer drinking

YankeeinSC1 says:

Use a box wrench. Crescent wrenches are for gankers and hacks.

Jan Riis Sørensen says:

Hi. Where can i get the punch through bit ?

FirebrewTV says:

Nice job! Just finished up mine. It’s a 30gal capacity as well. I opted to go with a 50amp control panel and use dual elements. Heats up in no time!

Alex Dowzycki says:

When using a heating element for the boil is there a problem stirring without making contact?

Michael Sharples says:

Excellent ‘how to’ guys, well done and keep them coming

Nicholas Parker says:

What they heck were you drinking at the end? That looked like chocolate milk. 🙂

Ionut-Alexandru Batrinache says:

1-1/4″ is far from 51mm. It is almost 32 mm, not 51mm.

Von Shmartin says:

was that a latte at the end? what were you drinking?

wwest84 says:

Serious set up right there, cheers

Kyle Gleich says:

Yeah it was tough seeing that done, but really came out great! I will show everything in a couple weeks looks great! The brewery is really coming together.

Jay Williams says:

I cannot find the tri clovers anywhere. I have that size punch already so using the same clamps you did would be ideal.

Levi Castle says:

Man this was an incredible build. Super solid engineering. But is it economicable? Seems you had between $1600-1800 in parts, and God knows how many hours. You can buy a Braumeister, with WiFi capability for $1,750 free shipping right to your door…no labor involved. But aside from costs…it was a quite talented display of engineering and I bet it makes some tasty brews. Job very well done.

stefann paddock says:

This is a bullshit tutorial

BHbrewing says:

Very nice job showing how to build an electric brewery. How much total investment in both kettles? Cheers

Daniel Hallin says:

Nice work guys, really inspiring! How is the whirlpool working? I’ve seen some other videos where they recommend having the feed-back above the surface. Just wanted to know how your approach is doing!

Mr_Sparty1995 says:

Very nice work guys, you make it look so easy.  I love those punchouts vs using a step bit like I did.  I’m hoping to get my HLT back this week, from it being tig welded.  Cheers.

Tony Yates says:

Very nice! Deja vu! 🙂 Cheers!

01waterwalker says:

Great video.   Do you have a part number for the Master-Carr wire pass through nut which you used to secure the plug wire to the electrical box?  (8min 30sec into the video)

Andy Woolhouse says:

Lube, lube and lube,

Rick Gabrielson says:

you guys need to watch this with CC on

Sullybeerkits says:

cheers guys loved the video

Michael Kedgley says:

someone that cheers and doesn’t take a drink, can never be trusted

The Iowa Carver says:

Real nice how to vid guys. Beautiful equipment! Thanks for the video, cheers!

greg grider says:

enjoy the video–now if some rich  relative  will croak and leave me enough cash  for  those sweet  kettles–lol

Brian Huntley says:

+Nicholas Parker, +Brian Huntley finished up a sample beer and with that came a ton of yeast lol so yeast milk I would say whole milk at that

Bill Shilling says:

where did you get the hole punch at

Santiago Amonte says:

Great video, but have a question: how did you secure the matal cabinet to the kettle? Did you use screws or just the boling element did the job? Thanks.

norfolkhillbilly says:

Great one as always Guys, looking forward to the panel

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