Rough In Plumbing Before Concrete Slab Pole Barn House EP 4

Installing underground rough in plumbing under the cement slab before pouring the floor on the pole barn house. How to install sewer septic and drain lines before pouring concrete slab floor. This is how I did my pvc plumbing under the slab floor. It required a lot of digging and I hit a lot of rocks but I got it done. I decided to dig mine after drilling the holes because I figured I might run over the pipes if I did the plumbing first. You can do whichever order you like. Doing it this way made so I had to watch carefully where my holes were at all times.

Well good luck with your projects. Let me know if you have any questions. here you can find the CST Berger laser transit. If you need a good transit. Awesome setup and very accurate!

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I hope this video helped you. Thanks for watching.

Music credit: Morning Mandolin by Chris Haugen. Thanks Chris I really like the tune.


George Chambers says:

What about the u pieces under the toilet and sinks do you put them in ground too ????

Mark Rossmiller says:

Why do rough in plumbing before planting poles and perimeter concrete forms? What are your references to line up water and sewer connections so they line up?

Smart Easy DIY says:

Sorry for the long intro and background noise if you want to skip all that the 3:00 mark is about where digging starts to happen.

John Davis says:

Thank you for sharing.

Space Coast Jay says:

I’m just curious, did this installation pass inspection?

John Davis says:

How deep do you have to dig per code below finish grade/ concrete.

Andrew Brown says:

Thanks for the info smart easy diy!

Chaos and Grace says:

Can you tell me what area you live in? We’re building a pole barn home and I’m a little worried about plumbing in a slab in winter. Slabs aren’t common here.

Curiosity says:

Nice, I might be a little concerned about being close to that one rock?

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