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A brief video about all the tools you will need to be successful in the world of plumbing. For more information please visit :



borntohula says:

@northkid15 yeah footprints!

noelleonsaoirse says:

Can you tell me how to remove chrome from a chrome covered pipe?

Mike Mann says:

I much prefer the pipe slices.

Twobins says:

Would you ever consider using an electric pipe freezer to save you draining down systems?

Viking Cub says:

I’m training to become a plumber, I live in the UK. My question is…. Is it important I have a car or van big enough to fit a bath tub in?????

charlie windsor says:

How long will tubs of flux and tubs of pipe weld stay useable after they have been opened? eg if i dont do any plumbing for six months will they have gone off or will they still be fine?

Tyler Hofer says:

hi, i just got my apprenticeship in plumbing, i am 18 in Canada. i do industrial work, not housing and whatnot. what should i get in my toolbox? also have you read IPT pipe fitting handbook? strongly recommend this

Graham Berry says:

Hi, Where can you buy the lockshield/pipe drain off gaurds to guide water into bucket you demonstrated?!

super trowel says:

Makita all the way baby

heavydiesel says:

Looked like a bahco adjustable spanner. They do an 8″ but with a jaw that opens as wide as a 10″ one.

Mr Swan says:

by using them

madjack mcmad says:

You forgot kettle and radio nob edd! 😉

Mike Mann says:

wire wool? deburrer?

Armstrong A says:

James, I need your advice mate…. I’m a family man with a full time job, bills, etc…. but I want to get into plumbing. I’m looking at these pricey courses and was wondering what your thoughts are on them? No one around here wants help, so it’s the only method I’ve got to learn. Is it enough to get started, am I pissing my money away? The one I’m looking at gives a city guilds, and three week job placement for NVQ. (Able skills) Any advice appreciated.

Richard Cowtails says:

I have a tool I dont know what it is. it says trumbell once side is a point and the other looks like a hammer head and the botttom by my wrist looks like a 5 sided bolt hole. any idea?

Forwards Leftiesc says:

a bog roll !
to test the new toilet you installed

Yossi Illan says:

What an excellent clip. I am on a course for Plumbing and renewable energy source engineering and your videos are highly informative……and entertaining. Have you ever thought about being a stand up comedian on the side????
Seriously, again, well done for the excellent video and for being an excellent tutor.

Joseph Sweeney says:


thanxx says:

you look like that fella out of the kaiser chiefs! RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY lol

Liam B says:

What brand to you recommend going for on these tools ?

Wayne Foster says:

well done james good vids good to see a happychappy about his work
keep the vids rolling onelove and thumbs up wayne gas safe plumber over and out

Paul Nechita says:

You are creazy ” nice video

Slave of Allah says:

Hi Mate great videos, can you make a basic video about domestic cold water systems please.

Cheers Faiz

47represent says:

lies! dewalt are the best ever =p

TheFatman2436 says:


Mike Mann says:

Instructional video on lifting up floorboards, notching joists, and locating pipework would be good. Cheers mate

richard chelton says:

I bet your a right larf to work with

Chuck Norris says:

Surely the biggest plumbing tool is the apprentice?

Karel Koky says:

Hi, do you use hydraulic pressure testing equipment? I think that if you install whole new pipework and fitings it could be usefull because you can find out any mistake

VIP Plumber Sydney says:

Thanks for sharing “Plumbing Tips” video

Abdul Ismail says:

Thank you for the vid!!
Am doing level 2….at the moment …can’t wait to be on the road….

Prabhjot Singh says:

u done good job men

tom green says:

hi do you use a sds drill ? and which make is your tol box

Richard Heywood says:

What’s that former? I’ve never seen it?

CalixVella says:

thank you for your videos. i find your tutorial very useful for learning the language in particular the every day spoken technical language. i bet you never thought your vids will be used as such. keep up the good work. greetings.

Forwards Leftiesc says:

a hammer !
(to hammer)

benny bennys says:

What size bahco spanner is that is it 10 inch,how wide does it open.

Tyler Hofer says:

those adjustable spanners, what name, brand and stuff like that is it? i want one with thinner teeth for smaller spots. also why is Makita the best? everyone i work with uses Milwaukee

Joseph D says:

You missed out one vital tool that you most definitely need – WORK LIGHT OR AT LEAST A TORCH ! – But hey I’ll let you off !, because I see a yellow work light at 5:36 of this video hanging up top left corner of your van 😉

You’re a legend M8 & A CREDIT 2 YOUTUBE ! – Your videos are well put together and most informative! – KEEP ON ROCKING MAN 😀

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