PLUMBING DISASTERS 29 – Videos and Photos






Handyjack says:

Inserting the camera is not a problem at all, the pain and discomfort happens when they insert the fat fking cameraman. 🙁

Gavin Wasson says:


ArcanePath360 says:

Wow. Some of these are just… wow

ConicalRamirez says:

is that stop tap after that PRV on an unvented hot water cylinder. That is extremely dangerous if it is

Gareth Lewis says:

Did the Doctor say “Hold tight” just before he rammed the camera in 🙂

dobbsy87 says:

That gas meter was missing the governor wasn’t it?

jeremy western says:

DRAYTON NEED YOU!!!! to hammer the pins on their terrible trv’s……

yensabi says:

Hold tight…….You have got the most nauseating voice i have ever heard…..!!!

Christian Harris says:

lmfao your intro was wonderful!

Al Wilson says:

What is that guy saying I cannot understand what he says

Jae Hus says:

you obviously are a very good plumber but I am fed up of meeting English plumbers that can’t do the job!!!

TParker18 says:

Yey I got my picture featured

Joe Langel says:

looks like they got advice from Wal-Mart hardware section.

Dario Nigro says:

where are you based james?


Gavin Plumley says:

you got my name wrong, how do we get a sticker old boy

jeremy western says:

those bypassed gas meters have had a pre-payment meter installed inside.

John S says:

on the first issue, is that not called a t&p, temperature and pressure while a prv stands for pressure reducing valve?

Phil Lee says:

Tips on if your lazy to disable a TRV in situ (non plumber)

proudfoot543 says:

Hi there, I’m a Level 3 NVQ Plumbing apprentice and I have a Hot AND Cold water exam this Friday, I was wondering if you could help me with my revision and do a short video going through the important parts? It would be a massive help as sticking my face into a book doesn’t help me, thank you!

Chuck Norris says:

Ive watched this a few times and I still can’t see anything wrong with this plumbing?

HL FAN 100 says:

Mate go on Twitter and Facebook plz

David Benson says:

the terry tibbs of plumbing

fuzzy wuzzy says:

god damn. a min and half the vid starts. shut the fuck up and get right into it nextime ass hole

woodbine66 says:

Hearing about your colonostomy reminds me that I have to give someone’s manhole a good rodding tomorrow morning. And yes, that Moviprep was the biggest white-knuckle ride of my life. Worse than anything at Alton Towers – and it went on for HOURS!!!!!!  The world fell out of my bottom. Literally. No chance of holding tight for me, I can tell you – no siree!

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