Plumbing and filtration for the 375 gallon aquarium build

My 375 gallon aquarium filtration and plumbing explained.

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La Ang says:

Hi, what’s the distance of the holes from each other and from the edge of the tank? Is there a minimum measurements? thank you

Frank Koops says:

hi joey, what kind of powerheads did you use ?( brand , model ? )

akam ali says:

That is goods

E. K says:

hey man when are you going to post the video of the planted tank? , really looking forward to that!!

The Sound of Legends says:

Hey Joey I have a question I hope you can help me with. I’m going to change my regular sand for coral sand this weekend as my pH is quite low for my cichlids. As im doing the change with my fish still in the tank do you know if the coral sand will cause a rapid pH spike or does it leach slowly and change over time? Thanks.

Zain Abidin says:

does anyone know the name of a colorful with many tentacle like decoration that I’ve seen in aquariums? most commonly with clownfish. thanks

Niresh Chattergoon says:

Hi Joey cool setup how often do you clean those filter socks, I’ve been seeing alot of ways on cleaning them just had to ask the Diy guy, I have a 200 gallon with 1 Arrowana only. Thanks

Lisa Warren says:

I just bought your book, but could use some advise in the mean time. I just bought a 380 gal.I hope for a good deal $900 its 8’x3”t x28”w it has 2weir boxes each drilled with one 2” hole there is a160 gal. acrylic tank for sale in my area for $125{ its crazed pretty bad} I could use for sump. But need to buy fast or will be sold. do I need a sump this big? I’m new to fish keeping but trying to learn I’m not mechanically inclined at all. wish I was your neighbor would pay to plumb this system oh how big of pump as well. thanks for your time Lisa in WA.

Ryan_Jones_ says:

Are you concerned that the return is too close to the weir? I guess maybe it’s for aesthetic purposes?

James D says:

Great video Joey! Why did you choose flex pipe over rigid pipe for your supply hose to tank? doesn’t it cut down on flow due to turbulence? Just curious, thanks.

Mustafa Şeker says:

Amazing system.. congrulations.

Stevie G says:

Slightly off topic question, would I be able to install an external filter system in order to increase the fish stock in a fluvial age tank?

Your Style Gamer says:

which software do you use to edit your videos ?

Shaquan Hardy says:

hey Joey, is it better to make a sump for 125g or canister filters. Thanks alot

Inovisk says:

Great project Joey, i gonna make a 52gallons plywood tank, but in my country does not exist a epoxi for pond, five coatings of fiberglass its enough for this tank? thanks

ez gem hard says:

planted tank pls

Mark L says:

why the knobs on the valves on top? I’m not a plumber nor do I assume to know as much as you on this subject. Just seems if knobs were on bottom there would be better access. Thanks

Thomas Powers says:

Having the weir on the same side the clean water is coming back in doesn’t effect much?

Shaquan Hardy says:

and also what type of sump. it’s a freshwater 125g african cichlid tank

Isaiah Macias says:

I’m new here and was wondering, do you build all of your large aquariums?

PRFishGirl says:

Love the system

mainlandpirate says:

where is the video of the arawana going in its tank???

aussieaeromodeler says:

awesome work mate , looks great

Emerson White says:

Rather than having that hose with the clamp on it you might consider just chucking a PVC union on there. Much faster to screw together a union fitting than to find a screw driver to tighten the clamp.

jordan ryan says:

Even though you explain it great, I would rather just pay you to set this up for my tank so I don’t mess it up lol

toycar foushboy says:

Sweet build and video man. Really enjoy time I have watching these, inspired me trying lots of different DIY of my own. Check it out if ya want.

Ivan Kolić says:

I’m gonna do a first time sump and plumbing build.
But I’m going with a side drilled tank and weir glued to the side of the back wall.
I did not plan for a third emergency stand pipe.

Avnish Yadav says:

subscriber count is 212121

Derrick Evans says:

this is unrelated to the vid but do you have any good canadian online fish vendors i am having trouble finding any. p.s love your channel super helpfull

Chris Jones says:

What kind of flexible hose is that coming from the return pump?   I’m in the process building a stand and sump for my new 72 bow front and your videos have been a great help, thanks.

LastWindBreaker says:

If I crushed lava rock small enough, could I use it instead of power sand for a planted tank?

NYCity Cichlids says:


John Pfister says:

Would have never thought to put those hooks under. Joey always thinking ahead.

Michael aquarium says:

nice nice video your cool guy

Muadh Fazlun says:

I have a 420 liters tank. Can you please tell me what is the size of filter i need to use?? Would 1500 L/h solve it. I was searching for you video on build a sump but in all you video u explain about the sump and simple filter methods but u never tell what the pump which you use. please send me a link if you already have a video or else please do one in explaining how many water pumps need and the size.

info201 says:

King of diy , do you have any moisture problems in your basement due to water? I’m thinking of using my basement for fish room. But I get conflicting advice. Thanks

Mia LARZ says:

are you still going to make a video of adding the arowana to the other tank ?

Natalie Favento says:

ive been watching alot of your videos and i was wondering if the pond armor will work for a saltwater tank because my bottom glass broke and i do not want to pay for new glass if i can use a plywood base

Matloob Ali Raza says:

Joey can you point me to any online site from where i can order it in USA, unlikely i have to get them ship to Pakistan as these vales, unions, elbows and bulk heads are not available at all

Unicorn Life says:

Hey joey I had a little 2 gallon tank I got wo Black moore goldfish I only had them for two days and they died I had an air pump and was going to get a filter what do u think happened to them please let me know what u think

Keystone Aquatics says:

I wish I had your DIY talent!!

Bharath Mahendran says:

Joey what us the name if fan that circulate the tank and how much money does it cost on you for the power

Pinky Thebrainy says:

hi I am Dheeraj frm India. ihave been following ur videos for quite some mentioned before in ur videos that ur going to setup a planted aquarium. when is it going to come up. i am really exited about that project. of course i like all ur projects.

Sébastien Lagacé says:

hello joey, how big of a filter I can put in a 20 gal tank , ?? I would like to upgrade the filter

Tim Foster says:

I have a project in mind but you probably already done it and I just can’t find it. Have you done a 50+ gallon tank with a sump built into or attached to the back of the glass aquarium? I have seen the one on the side wall but I would like to see you do one on the back wall. Thanks…and your videos are very informative. Love the DIY aspect.

Maurice Aquariums says:

Very awesome Joey, I learned a lot and its good cuz I’m about to plumb my tank

Stevie G says:

Slightly off topic question, would I be able to install an external filter system in order to increase the fish stock in a fluval edge tank?

Lamar Durst says:

what is the mininum amounts of time my filter should turn over the water in my aquarium? I heard 2, 3, 5, 6 times. What do you reccommend?

pucho513 says:

hay joey would a 10 gallon tank be a good sump for a 55 gallon with a 600gph pond pump

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