Plumbing 101 – Learning about DIY plumbing with Coach Tim

Watch video! If you planning a plumbing project – this is a must. Watch the full video to learn about Plumbing and the concepts you’ll need to know in your home renovation project. Learn from DIY expert Tim.

Plumbing follows the basic laws of nature — gravity, pressure, water seeking its own level. Knowing this, you can understand its “mysteries” and make dozens of fixes to your home’s plumbing system. You can save yourself time, trouble, and money!


threadhound says:

Can you reuse the wax ring? I want to remove the toilet to paint and wanted to know if I should plan on replacing the wax ring?

Onase Mæs says:

You made a great video explaining soldering, but IMO you missed the part about deburring the copper pipe ends. Those little lips of copper create turbulence and over time you’ll get pinhole leaks. small mistake but it’ll add up over time. Just a little tip, when I solder I use a vice so I’m able to solder all around with no obstructions. otherwise great video I learned a lot!!!

muhammad yusuf says:

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muhammad aditya says:

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moerasmo says:

Awesome Vid…… Your very good at explaining your work….extremely helpful ! Thanks!

Steve Vaughn says:

Great video…. at around 55 minutes did you go up two inches from center or did I miss something?

lucky firmansyah says:

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muhammad aditya says:

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Brian Myers says:

In total agreement with you guys. Best diy channel on YouTube by a mile. Thanks Tim!

azalena amoret says:

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prchula says:

very helpful

yasher paddam says:

coach Tim thank you for the video i learned from it…

Bagels Truth says:


Construction Coach says:

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your comments and questions. I’m hoping to make a plumbing FAQ video very soon — so make sure you subscribe to this channel. Much love, Tim

satrio windra says:

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Julian Carrera says:

Great video! Just what we needed. I appreciate the emphasis on quality work. Two thumbs up.

Dioel Lazarito says:

Why use cardboard?are they gonna sag in the future?why don’t you use plastic shims?

Noureddine Elyoussfi says:

top man . You’re the best 🙂

hardianto kumis says:

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lucky firmansyah says:

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Cody Taber says:

Without a doubt you’re the single best source for home renovations and repairs. There are others that are good, but you’re so natural and accurate about everything.
I hope you make a million dollars!

Julia Martinez says:

This is a great video…well worth the time to watch. He explains each step of installation as well as the purpose for each pipe/fitting/gasket/line as he demonstrates. He shows how to use all tools for cutting, crimping, and sealing/soldering. He also gives helpful tips and cautions as well as testing for leaks at critical steps.
Thank you, Tim, for making this video. You have an exceptional ability to explain what you are doing.

jumain hadion says:

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John Gagne says:

This is a great channel.

Sajid Rafique says:

Sir, does a PEX system need stubout termination at every fixture ? what is the purpose of stubout ? I saw these copper pipes in home depot called stubout but the home depot sales guy did not know what they were .

jim jackle says:

The man is a genius, he does electrical, plumbing and everything

bobby bob says:

how come you didn’t put concrete under tub?

MrHemi4spd says:

Your soldering is horrific.    Hope you didn’t trash that valve with the heat,  it takes two seconds to remove those moen valves.

mark ledesma says:

Good job teaching us, also the camera guy gets perfect views,thank you.

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