Part “2” Installing new bathtub, connect drain waste and overflow plumbing DIY Atlanta GA

I am presenting final steps of correct tub installation process – bath waste, overflow, support, leveling and many more – everything you have to know when starting tub project.
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Video is long, but it takes a lot to do the job correctly !!! and I want you to see everything !!!

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Michael – Tile Master Atlanta


mxracerguy says:

great video. thanks!

Chris yaritz says:

Very informative, not to mention the finished project was beautiful.
Thank you very much for posting this.
Very nice to see you covered many aspects of the install, which will be of great help to anyone watching this video.

Eva Morales says:

Excellent attention to detail and great at explaining. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I wish you were available for hire in the NW, you do excellent work!

brian kirkbride says:

Are there better quality drain kits on the market? The one in the video looks like cheep chit from china.

HASCO soha says:

always cover tub inside with blanket to protect tub,other wise you make dirty and possible scratch new tub

Steven Cooper says:

I wish I could afford to have you come to Lafayette and replace my tub. But, alas, I must do it myself…and this video has really helped me plan ahead for the project.

Frank Williams says:

Thank you for this. HUGE help!

K-9 COOPER says:

No matter how good someone’s video is – no matter how much time and effort – no matter that their a certified plumber there will always be someone that knocks their video. No matter how many leave negative comments or they would have done it this way or their way I have yet to see them show proof that they can do it better. And no matter to these people I ask where the HELL is your FRICKING video & not just your pinky finger typing on your keyboard showing you can do some thing better? I have been a licensed & certified plumber for 42 years. Plus I am a certified & licensed building inspector in one of the strictest areas in Michigan. I would have passed his installation job except for its plumbing. Out Community & plumbing codes do not allow for any type of plastic whether for plumbing or drains. We have done testing on expanding foam and have found as long as it’s not >used on out door structures< it did >NOT break down or shrink used indoors<. Nice job on tub installation,Thank You

BaconMeBring says:

Excellent. Quality work

Michael Mccune says:

Your videos are an invaluable source of knowledge for the DIYer!! Thanks so much for providing them!

illdill503 says:

Great videos.. that turned out nice! Did you fill in that big gap that the drain ran through with foam like it was when you started? Did the gap lead into the crawl space under the house?

Rain Country Homestead says:

Nice work and detailed instruction, thanks for your time.

Snozz Berries says:

nice plumbing kit. looks like a water leak disaster in the making. sorry for the home owners.

sirmighty loov says:

Awesome job this video helps me a lot.

JoAnne Grace says:

Completely enjoying this 🙂 TY

stillbreathing37 says:

Ever try to take a tub out after you spray that great stuff under the tub? You’ve nearly glued the tub to the subfloor.

Optics says:

got any fix for tub floor flexing? the tub has a Styrofoam support on bottom but it still flexes. I think the contractor installed the tub too high. the tile is already installed around on the walls.

R C says:

Hi Michael- Can’t you just put additional sister studs in back wall in order to close gap between studs and back of tub lip?

Jerry Barbieri says:

brother, thank you… im on part two andi feel so much better about my mobile home tub job ill be doing next week…. first time for me and you made it simplified… thank you very much for details and explaining how and why for virtually every step…

Steve Haupt says:

awesome job. You have no Idea how helpful this video was for me. Thank You!

charles hitower says:

TOO DAMN SLOWwas my first thoughts but, after watching, realized how thorough you have covered everything allowing a good ‘sink rate’.Great job, will watch more of your great work!

A F says:

Great video with great input and tips! Unfortunately for me, I told my wife about it and have been told to remodel our bathroom. Wish me luck!!

Steve Haupt says:

I have the same shorts with the air vent in the ass too!

William Batchelor says:

What is the saw used here? Looks like a reciprocating saw but much smaller and better for tight spaces than an old sabresaw…

Duke Stone says:

I’ve got clips with my overflow where do they go

Paul Grindley says:

Great video. I am in the process of installing a new bathroom after gutting the old one. Very glad I watched this video first before I started.

Russ Bowers Channel says:

The videos were a huge help to me for my first tub installation. I installed exactly the same model Bootz tub so that made it even easier. Thank you for making and posting this video.

mach smith says:

great job..thanks for sharing..the only thing I cant understand is how the tub will stay clean and scratch free after all the tools and stepping and dirt in the tub..

Will Willwill says:

Can you tell me who makes reinforced tubs?

Tony Quick says:

Great video. I am going to be starting a renovation of my kids bathroom soon and this video really helped. Love the flexible drain over flow kit!….Two thumbs up!

Stephen Maye says:

Can you tell me what the brand and model of the tub used in this video? The black underside reinforcement looks like it would make it feel more solid.

1geromette says:

Thank you so much for these videos…Welcome to America!!

Kent Doss says:

This video was a great help. I have never attempted to install a tub or even seen it done I watched part one and part two and it went without a hitch. You did a great job explaining things in detail and I appreciate it.

pintastic says:

Surprised you are using this foam under the tub. Wouldn’t it be better to use something dense that will not contract?

Edmundo Herrera says:

thank you will help me

zdzich z can says:

Widac tam ja widzialem Latwo masz otwarte jest gdzie wlozyc reke .robie renowacje I nowa wnna jest wyzsza od starej to bedzie czalandz  chalange

Chiman Kotecha says:

Wouldn’t it be good idea to first clean up the area of debris?

Gary c says:

Great job on these videos. I am about to do my first tub and this helped a lot…thanks!

Francisco Cruz jr says:

Good Video. Covers a lot. But he should use the “Edit/cut” option on the camera

Carolyn Kahler says:

Really helpful! thanks for posting this.

Adam Proba says:

Big thanks for your videos. I find all of your material quite informative and very helpful. Keep up the great work.

Carrie P says:

This is awesome, well done! Wish you were in my area!

buddyboy4x44 says:

What a great video. Wonderful job and so many pointers. Well done, and thank you. Probably the best DIY video I have seen.

Brazos Cole says:

This saved my life. Thank you.

DeeInTheHouse says:

…some of those drain/overflow kits are crap…beware of kits with many/multiple adjustments, with gaskets here, gaskets there equals leak opportunities…pipe and glue are better.

Ray Kodiak says:

Thanks for taking your time in making those videos, they are great! I am about to remodel my bathroom, and there is more to consider than I thought, which I can prepare for now, Super thanks!!! / Na Zdrowie!

Lucio Tafoya says:

I know right? this guy is a very intelligent person, he knows how to explain step by step with a teacher like him’ who’s not going to learn

Leonard Seaman says:

Thank you so much! This was a thoroughly detailed and amazingly helpful video!

The use of a flexible tail piece on the overflow tube saved me so much time and effort. I don’t think it would have been possible for me to fit a standard rigid tube in my location without significant changes to the waste line. Instead, my tub was hooked up in less than 10 minutes!

Moisaro1 says:

Probably the best how to videos I have ever seen. Super well done, thank you!

Ro Vi says:

I f you always work like you did in the video you are a very very good today days construction worker do their job at +/- and no at 100% quality like you did here

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