Part “1” How to install new tub, level it & connect drain and overflow plumbing DIY Atlanta GA

I am presenting bathtub installation instructions and new plumbing adjustment – drain and overflow connections STEP BY STEP !!!! You will see everything that needs to be done in order to connect and have new tub working perfectly !!!
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This is 2 videos tutorial

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Thank you for watching

Michael – Tile Master Atlanta GA


Tammy Escoffier says:

Thanks for the video. I worked at a plumbing supply house on the show room floor but was sure how the actual installations went. What I would like to know: if doing a complete remodel would you install the new tile floor under the tub just as you should under the toilet and vanity?

daniel mcgrane says:

Fantastic videos, thanks for all of these TileMaster.

Floris van der Linden says:

Detail warm route tqsohsq Hispanic.

Sherry Griffith says:

Love the instructions in the video, however, the volume is too low.

R C says:

Michael- Thanks for your postings!! I’ve learned a lot these past few days about my own home and applying the knowledge you’ve shared through your videos. Now I know what it’s truly like to be a home owner and tackling on projects to beautify your own home.

Just a quick question- what size lumber did you use to support the back wall? Is that just a typical framing stud which is 2.5″ x 1.5″? I’ve up to that point now with my project before I drop in the tub. If you can reply ASAP that would be great. Thanks!!

Nova SuperNova says:

You are using a nailer without safety glasses. One day I hope you don’t regret that. Other than that, pretty good video

KINGsizeWINNER says:

Tilemaster, I’ve been watching many of your videos and you are a very skilled tradesman. I have one question: why do I never see you making access panels or trap doors behind shower plumbing to install emergency shit off valves for shower repairs?

usn020702 says:

Thanks for your video!! With it I was able to install my new tub and it is rock solid! Even the same make and model of tub so all the measurements were the same.


شكرا لكم

Michael Epstein says:

Outstanding videos! All of them. I am doing a remodel on my bathroom and your channel has carried me along very well.

Thomas Carlson says:

TileMaster, thank you very much for doing this video, I am installing a bathtub at home and this video really gave me great ideas on how to proceed, May the Lord keep you healthy and wealthy. Regards from Costa Rica.

Eric B says:

great video thanks for your help

Doug Volchko says:

There are very few contractors/handymen as good as this. Very thorough and comprehensive, and covers every little detail that many installers overlook.
Well done, excellent video.

sadieperez243 says:

thank you so much for all the help!

Scott Harvey says:

I have been referring to your videos for several years. For a DIY person, your presentations are very clear. Thank you!

Albert brown says:

can u post your name of your e-bay auction sometime…………….trying to fine your flex-able connector……

John Long says:

oops, he sells the standard kit  for 56. he sells the  flex piece seperately for $26.

Mitch Swanda says:

Excellent videos. Thank you very much for walking us through this work. I plan to begin a remodel of our bathroom soon. Your videos show that we really need to redo it from top to bottom. Pull the bathroom sink, toilet and work your way back to the tub. Thanks!

themusj says:

I see stringer boards as 2 x 4’s but my tub’s ledge is 1 3/16. The company says to use the 2×4 but that would put the tub further from the wall. Am I the only one who questions this type of thing?

C. Brion Kidder says:

You are very skilled.

maria creyente says:

can you answer a question, please? My husband wants to know which is the better to use, to set a whirlpool tub on a wood floor……cement mortar, or foam insulation? Thank you for your help.

Fishingtuts says:

Can you do a video of plumbing in the water pipes please

Atticus Finch says:

This is the single best tub installation video on Youtube thank you.

red mase says:

Good job

Eric Branch says:

Shot myself in the foot by having someone install a tub for me even after watching your videos.  The dryer vent comes through the subfloor next to the drain pipe and instead of moving it – the guy crushed it and it is gaping open.  Next, instead of using a stringer board there are 2 unsecured vertical 2×4’s holding the tub up on the back side, 1 is wobly.  And lastly, level is pitched forward towards the drain and out towards the apron.  Should have done it myself… 

rwdelling says:

By far the best bath installation video on the internet.  Thanks!

John Bratincevic says:

Excellent video!  You mentioned that the tub is a Bootzcast – in your opinion, how does the quality of this tub compare to Americast or to a cast iron tub?

Terence Harper says:

Sir,  How did  you obtain the Bootz tub – through the sales rep in Marietta, or through someone else?  Are these found retail anywhere other than directly from the manufacturer?  I’m really interested in the sound absorbing qualities of the backing as I’m tired of hearing squeaky butts through the ceiling downstairs during bath time while I’m trying to read….

Dana Webster says:


TN says:

Please, could someone tell me where I could find remodeling drain kit??? I am lost and can’t find the ones he is talking about on this video…

George Hercules says:
Janice Woods says:

Your videos are awesome. They are very informative and your explanations are easy to understand. Thank you so much.

AndreasJames says:

I’ve been watching your videos and have to say they are excellent. I’m getting ready to remodel an upstairs small bathroom in my townhouse. The previous owner did a hack job on the installation of everything in it, literally, and the ceiling and duct work below it were severely damaged. Of course I didn’t realize the severity of the poor work until a few years after I owned the house. It’s going to involve replacing everything from subfloor to drywall. I’m going to tile the floor.

How do you feel about 4 piece tubs? I thought it might be easier to maintain. I’d prefer a one piece setup with no joins, but it’s impossible to get up the steps. Is tile be better? Looks aren’t a major concern in the tub area. I’m more interested in durability and low maintenance because it’s a second bathroom used by the kids.

Levi Wilner says:

This guy Rocks! I’ve viewed a bunch of your videos. super helpful!!

jumpercables40 says:

thank you for taking the time to upload this video series. It was invaluable to me as I took on remodeling our bathroom.

mikel77 says:

Excellent instruction!

elpayin1 says:

QUESTION: do you HAVE to re-do the drain par,t or you can use the old one assuming that it is still in good condition?

and by the way, AWESOME video. very helpful THANK YOU.

Cristina Franco says:

Fantastic work. Thanks for taking the time to show us.

roundedges2 says:

You are extremely precise and careful with everything–the ultimate professional. This is superb workmanship.
The reason for level I don’t get however, since some water will always drip outside tub on floor from shower or splashes. So threally issue is good caulking between tub and floor rather than level to try to keep every single drop of water going back to center of tub which will never happen anyways?

Will Willwill says:

Can you tell me how to frame a tub if one end is 45 centimeters from the floor and the other end is 44 centimeters from the floor?

Randall Freihage says:

Is this guy retarded? Every other word out of his mouth is UUUHHHHH. I realize he’s not from the U.S.,go figure but if he’s going to give demonstrations, at least speak with some literacy.

samuel hunt says:

I like your work.

suceress says:

Very interesting and helpful. Out of curiosity, would it have worked if you had checked the cardboard box for square and then used it as a template? Maybe putting the tub on the box, marking the edges, and then marking where the holes would be? Then you could cut out a template of the tub (including cutouts for the drain) and set that in place to get the drain lined up. You could even have folded part of the box up to get the overflow (if there was enough cardboard). Do you think this idea would work?

clydofido says:

This is awesome. I’m a general contractor and this info is extremely helpful. Plus I liked the last funny part of the vid lol. Thank you!

PRO Plumber Melbourne says:

This video is awesome maybe I come this way visiting you

roadking65 says:

awesome video. i learned alot from watching. thank you

greenhouse1369 says:

I tried to order the remodel overflow through The Tile Master on EBay.  However, the kit seems to no longer be available there.  Where else can we buy it Tile Master? I really need three of them!

Thanks. LOVE your videos 

Joseph Schaaf says:

23:22 “As you remember, or maybe not…” lol so true.  Thank you for uploading this invaluable video, Michael!  You are a true craftsman.

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