Most EXPENSIVE Plumbing Fails – Plumbers Worst Nightmare!

Real plumbers and D.I.Y. jobs gone horribly wrong. Pipes bursting and flooding entire homes because of shotty work. Costly DIY project backfires. Fails you can smell. Worker skill level = Zero.
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Allan says:

Did anyone at least try turning on all other taps to reduce flow and pressure to the problem fitting. ?


@ 13:45,
Plumber: « give me the hammer »
Plumber: « O shit I can not see the hammer…. And the wood is too big and pipe is too tight”

John Smith says:

Is the main not working or what

dcentral says:

Was that Property a complete loss after so much water damage?

tito a says:

Jajaja fucken plumber first turned off the main before taking off the anglestop lmao

Rodger Broadwater says:

That moment you notice the guy you hired off Craigslist doesn’t do plumbing but makes pools pretty good

Angel Gonzalez says:

Just charge for cheap showering

Daniel Kohutek says:

Cried! So good!

motrhead 69 says:

the snake outta the toilet is classic

Nick Gibilaro says:

Lmfao @12:45 stop stop wtf is going on I’m dead lmao…

Hector Saucedo says:

I feel bad for the first guy. He’s going into almost boiling water. If you can’t shut the water off, then turn on the other faucets to lower the water pressure

Sqammer Fn says:

She gets a gold medal in the Kitchen Olympics for vacuuming

Angel Gonzalez says:

You can almost smell it?

Brad Henry says:

Merry Christmas, save the tree!

Ze Crayo says:

This guy is as good at plumbing as Trump is good at being President

thedevilsmaster says:

I bet the plumber is here illegally

G Money says:

Shark bite?

Sébastien Guay says:

They need some… FLEXX TAPE!

Chris Dimig says:

Sharkbite fitting with a shutoff valve no problem

Aaron Villanueva says:

why not use the same vacuum hose using one end in the water leak and pointing the other hand to the drain of the sink while someone close the main no to the toilet that was filled with water very easily…

Brad Henry says:

I’m retiring, sorry! Call serv pro, like it never even happened! Lol

Jaguar Electric says:

I kill myself jjjj

Donnie Porter says:

Not everybody understood what the guy under the sink was saying in spanish i need another bucket the 1st one was full

L Bandara says:

That damn bathroom water pressure is enough to wash a car.

zaynora says:

Stupid guy…

JZ Dose says:

He should’ve used flex tape

thedevilsmaster says:

Whomever lives in the last house needs to lay off the Mexican food

Don Page says:

It is all fun and games until you flood seven floors of a high rise building. Not that anything like that ever happened to me.

Brad Henry says:

Lets break out the kayaks!

5WoOdT0Wn3 says:

Legend has it there is still water coming out of that cabinet till this day

JZ Dose says:

Turn the vacuum off it ain’t doing shit

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