How We’re Planning The Plumbing In Our Tiny House

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Stewart Marshall says:

what made you choose white door and windows for the house?

jknocal says:

its also good to take pictures of where the pipes and wires are so you won’t ding them later when installing finishing materials

Leafy Vegan says:

amazing what you’ve done so far, and so quickly. impressive.

Chuck Gone Raw Vegan says:

If you hang a black plastic jerry water can on the sunny side of your tiny house, you can have passive solar water heating…
We used this method in the army, and be careful, you can scald yourself with the high temperatures… In the desert it takes about 2 hours to heat it up for use for showering…
This is what the cans look like…

stilcrazychris says:

Why don’t u go with a on demand hot water unit?

Aleen R says:

Happy Canada Day!!!

Swankster says:

when your 5 gallon poop bucket is full, then what? Are you going to have a septic tank on your property?

Mary Marchbanks says:

Do you have a drain in the floor for leaking water inside from say the water heater or washing machine?

Gale Sauer says:

those tiny washers suck esp as much as u like clean clothes… HCH will not like 5 gal bucket for very long
please reconsider the toilet area…girls need a big mirror and a bath room sink….other wise keep up the great job.

Barbara Pisarski says:

Shit floats down hill and payday is on Thursdays…. hubby is a plumber lol. Local 1, doesn’t get any better than that! Any questions, feel free to ask, 40 yr I think he knows what he is doing llol… Peace!

Stephen Bachofen says:

moderately concerned about the “no sink in bathroom”. from a hygiene perspective it’s an issue!

Cali Black says:


Fango Wolf says:

Just one thing to think about in the bathroom. We tiled our whole bathroom and moved the shower drain a foot outside the shower area. Everything sloped to the drain. We can bathe the dogs and just swab the whole bathroom floor and it goes down the drain.

Cheeky Saver says:

Is it legal to use that type of composting toilet there? I know of a tiny house guy that wasn’t allowed to stay at his place until he got a porta potty then the legal $1000 composting toilet. It really depends on where you live. Some places are lax and some are just incredibly strict.


this is just like Builder Bob

Alejandra Lozano says:

you should put a sink in the bathroom, what if you need to hand wash something in the bathroom or wash your hands, speaking from a woman’s experience.

Cathy's Art Garage says:

Hi you guys; I’m not a builder and I love what your doing. I’m concerned about your electrical being smack dab close to the plumbing. Yikes! Isn’t there always a chance of water leaks?

Arlene says:

This is going to be my favorite part the inside!   Guess its a girl thing!!!   lol

K.R. Maker says:

i have to say i watched many tiny house builds and allot of house builds where there is a diy builder learning as they go, with the exception of tiny nest, you are the rare person that seems to have all the details down there have been only a couple of things so far that i have said anything about you are doing a amazing job

Chris Cross says:

No bathroom sink? Shaving? Teeth washing? (If kitchen sink full?)

allencrider says:

4 or 6 gallon water heater? How about tankless? I went tankless with a $200 Chinese water heater I got on eBay many years ago and it’s been great.

Tina Brennan says:

since your water is going to be located in the opposite end of house , why don’t, you bring your water lines in from that end? you would probably have to build a small utility box on the other end, and you wouldn’t have to run your Line so far, just a suggestion.

Stanley Tam says:

HAHA still using our Canadian units eh? And Hello from Toronto

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