How to use PTFE tape – Ultimate Handyman DIY tips

How to use PTFE tape to seal threads. Questions can be asked by joining the forum


You Tube viewer says:

You applied it nice and straight, good video.

Terry Thomas says:

Thank you.

MostYourBase says:

PTFE tape is NOT used as a sealant. It’s used as a lubricant to get the fittings on tighter, and it mostly supposed to be used for tapered fittings since they don’t have a gasket to make a seal. Also, 3-4 loops is enough.

FoodOnCrack says:

+Ultimate Handyman Hey Chez, can you show me how to do this with PTFE cord?

Matthew Bowlin says:

Hey thank you for posting this video, it helped a lot.

James Baillie says:

still hate the stuff lol

sakoudas says:

Hi, I have a heat meter (siemens wfq407) that leaks at the threaded joint. Every once a year the rubber gasket fails. Should I put ptfe as an extra? The water is 60 degrees celsious.

Luis Afonso says:

From what continent is that accent???

Leon Victoire says:

Problem with this tape is, when you screw it on, you go clockwise. But, when applying to a radiator and you screwed it on to far AND want to reposition it a little bit back, counterclockwise, only just a little bit, it’s going to leak. When you really want to position things like this one, you better use hemp.

Stephanie Johnstone says:

First time home buyer and a female…. thanks easy to understand and worked well!

Kurt Henney says:

Thanks, gives me some confidence in a DIY hydrolastic pump build 😀

Yod12 says:

Should it be one continuous piece? I have a galvanized water pipe; I’m putting a new angle valve on it. It’s about 2 inches from the bottom of the cabinet under my sink. It’s very hard to get to, and the tape gets pulled together into one or two threads of the pipe. I found that if I cut 5 pieces or so, I can get it wrapped around the threads. Would rather do it in one continuous piece like you show unwinding it from the spool..

Barry Schwam says:

This may be a dumb question, but.. I am installing the spout on a bathtub. I have a piece of 7″ pipe with one end going into the wall and the other going into the spout threads. Does it matter if I install the pipe into the wall first, then screw on the spout, or attach the 7″ pipe to the spout first, then screw the whole assembly into the wall? I want to get the spout to end up in the right position, facing down for pouring the water. Thanks.

Szymon Bartosiewicz says:

Subscribed. You’re going to help me find what’s wrong with a car! 🙂

Jason L says:

Are both sides of teflon tape same?

NonstopCrunchy says:

I suppose you think cutting fluid can cut metal too, hmm?

Claymor says:

Good vid thanks.

captain sensible says:

poly tetra floride etherlyne

Penelope Chin says:

Thanks !!I managed to fix my tap with your help.

John S C says:

thanks, I now know I wasn’t using enough!

Jers Compilations says:

What is a compression joint?

exwhyz33 says:

nice and clear demo. Thanks

Garry Graham says:

Your winding it the right way but you’re only meant to give it 1.5 to 2 turns.

Robert quantrill says:

I would have thought the same as mostyourbase ptfe is a great lubricant and you cant get a better seal than metal on metal, that is the purpose of tapered threads, if you read an api or npt standard they tell you that you need to over-tighten them to get the seal which in essence is an interference fit. I could be completely wrong but I do work for a company that designs components for the oil and gas industry with this type of fixing method.

derekcolman says:

Although you say PTFE is not needed on compression joints I am considering using it in future. The olives on modern joints seem to be a much harder alloy than the old ones were, and the joints leak when tightened normally. I got over that by substituting good old fashioned olives, but have run out of them now. Without them, I find joints have to be tightened to the point where I feared stripping the threads before they become water tight. I am about to install a bathroom suite using isolating valves and flexibles. My dilemma is, should I try to temper the olives by heating to red hot with my blowlamp and plunging in water, or should just wrap them in PTFE tape?

jordancorey says:

Hi, what about putting the tape on a tap that is on a sink and you have to struggle to get underneath. How do you put it on correctly in this situation. Could you do a video showing that please. Or on any pipe that is close to a wall. Cheers

Navneet Murti says:

Need help please.
I went around 10 times with the PTFE tape on the threads but its still leaking from the threads.

shell I go around more ? like 15 times or so.

Guilty As Always says:

You should do animal planet documentaries with that voice

Michael Clancy says:

Short, sweet and to the point perfect for a noob like me thanks.

James Baillie says:

mine always shrivels up. nightmare to apply

lostthoughts909 says:

You saved my life!

machia0705 says:

Can I use pipe-dope instead ?

Bryan Stahl says:

Thank you for posting this, it really helped me with mending my drippy shower tap 🙂 all sorted now!
Thanks again

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