How to Solder Copper Pipe – DIY How-To Basics

Check out this video to learn some basic soldering skills that can be utilized in so many ways around your homestead. Adding new sinks, fixing leaks, repairing hose bibs, adding new hose connections, upgrading water supply lines, building a boiler, additions, new home construction, and so many more! In past experience I worked as a residential heating and cooling installer and learned so many valuable skills from that job. Although I did not make it a career I can take what I learned there and apply it to our homestead moving forward. Throughout our journey to becoming more self sustaining and self reliant I will be sharing any of these basic skills that I feel may benefit someone else out there looking to do some of these very same things.

Being able to repair your own plumbing and install new plumbing fixtures is a skill I think that every home owner should know. It starts with picking up a few basic tools that you will never regret getting. I have a list of some of the items that I use at the bottom of this article. A good torch, pipe and fitting cleaner, solder, and flux is about all you really need to get started. Once you have what you need grab a few scrap pieces of copper pipe and a few fittings and solder a couple of joints following this video. You will quickly be able to get the hang of it and be ready to take on any repair or plumbing project in your home.

In an upcoming article/video I will be installing a utility tub in our basement and running the water supply lines. We are getting ready to have a place to clean fish and also handle other cleanup from various projects around the homestead. I was surprised when we moved into this house that there was no utility tub in the laundry area or basement and I have finally gotten a chance get one put in.

I hope that this video has encouraged you to take on some of your own plumbing projects and as always please let me know if you have any questions!

Spark start torch head –
Mapp Gas cylinder –
1/2″-3/4″ pipe and fitting cleaner combo tool –
Tight spaces pipe cutter –
Pipe cutter –
Lead free solder –
Flux –

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pumareyes1 says:

One of my fittings just sprung a pin leak on a copper pipe. Your information is invaluable my friend, thank you.

boiler magic says:

why do u only solder one side of the fitting that’s bad practice

Gort Newton says:

Very nice job. Good instruction, this will be very helpful to me. Thank you.

Nice Biblical quote too, thanks again.

Liberty DIY says:

You can get those fitting/pipe brushes for $2 at harbor frieght but coarse steel wool works great

Suburban Plantation says:

Just found your channel and really enjoy it. I’m waiting for spring to come. Marc from west falls ny

John Shea says:

Something I encountered on my first sweat job was that the pipe never fully seated into the fittings on the first try; it would go in barely 2 or 3 mm and stop. Flux as lubricant didn’t help that much either. I was surprised at how much material I had to remove with sandpaper in order to get a tight friction fit that inserted all the way into the joint. If this happens to you, don’t get discouraged and allocate more time for your project. Consider breaking your big project into two phases. I ended up putting plugs on the supply lines to get back to it another day. Great video. Helped me immensely.

Somewhere Usa says:

Thanks for posting this video. I only have the regular propane torch, and only have some experience, not that much). Any recommendations, regarding the reg propane (instead of the MAAP gas) torch? Thank you.
Last week, I’ve installed a new frost free hose bib. But at one of the 45º connections inside the house (basement), one side weeps/leaks. Is it possible to just re-heat one side of that fitting to get more solder into the joint? Or do I need to remove that fitting and clean/score/flux and solder from scratch? (I’m bummed about this mistake I made, as replacing that fitting seems difficult). Any suggestions welcomed. Thank you again. td

804186443 says:

How can you prevent threads with a pipe cutter?
I have a husky pipe cutter and every time I try to cut a p trap it spins out of its original line
Great video

SciGuy says:

Show the bottom of the joint next time.

Chaser Xaviour says:

Soldering paste. Them bastards sold me the wrong thing.

Angelia Michael says:

Very very good explanation of solder and flux methods. God bless!

Jackie Brown says:

Liked the video. My Dad is going to test me tomorrow and I think I will be able to get him to let me solder a joint so I can use the outside faucet.

Daniel García says:


Old Pup says:

A trick I had to use once when repairing a burst section of pipe that was horizontal and keept getting just enough water in it that it wouldn’t heat properly. Rolled a tight ball of bread and stuffed it in the side the water was coming from. Heating the pipe toasted the bread to the point it passed through and I was able to get the solder applied properly. 🙂

bfd117 says:

Can u just add solder if you find that you have a leak?

rahman massewwa says:

it it food grade?

A Dalis says:

what is the secret to having a nice even solder melt in between the pipe and the fitting without applying the solder thread around the full circle?

TheWoodWerker says:

GREAT Video! I’m very New to soldering copper! If I want to join two copper sheets (approx. 1/16″ thick) would I need to SOLDER or BRAZE for a structural joint? I’m interested in learning this from an artistic standpoint. I would appreciate ANY help or information! Thanks In Advance! Have A Super Week!…..Gus

John Bower says:

Nice to see a job done properly.

Daniel García says:


tino daal says:

amazing bro thanks for the great tips

joshmaster618 says:

Good video man really helpful basic information feel way more confident

Minh Giang says:

Check out sharkbite fittings.  No mess, no fuss…  and the only tool you need is a pipe cutter.  Pay a little more but, what a time saver and you won’t burn the house down 🙂

Ken Thomas says:

Thanks, So helpful.

func1775 says:

Just found video….  You make it look easy thanks for the boost in confidence.

Reginald Jones says:

Revelation 1:14-16 the color of JESUS Christ !!!!

Frankyouknow says:

Is there risk of a fitting moving when wiping it with a rag after sweating it while it is still hot?

eye80west says:

well done video!

Knucklehead Tool Company says:

I wanna see you do a video on soldering copper pipe in a wall without burning it.

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