How To Fix A Leaky Hose Bib | RYCO Plumbing DIY

It happens to all of us, one day you go to turn off the hose and it just keeps dripping. That drip can cost you lots of money every year in wasted water, not to mention ticking off your better half who’s had it on the honey-do list for the last 6 months. So, do you need to be a plumber to fix the faucet? No. It’s so simple you can do it yourself.

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Purveyor1000 says:

Lots of videos cover the packing for the stem…this is the first I found for the gasket inside the valve.  Thank you for covering both – I thought I’d have to replace the entire valve!

roxydog2004 says:

I have an old clear plastic damaged washer on mine,and it seems like I have to get it from the handle side ,but the handle won’t come off ,it should come off  right ?

Rebecca Ballesteros says:

The packing nut super simple fix worked!! I thought I needed to replace the whole thing! Thank you 🙂

rtrims rtrims says:

w00t you just fixed my problem

Mike Lawrence says:


kmariebox1 says:

My bonnet doesn’t want to come off. I can get the hex nut fully loose, but it won’t pull off/out… Do I have a unique style of bonnet, or am I doing something wrong, or is it possibly jammed in there?

Matt Lail says:


Jerry Chang says:

My Faucet leaks also only leaks when water is turned on and hose is attached. What will fix this?

Akhadiana Thaib says:

Thanks a lot for your video guide. It saves me a lot of money.

El Error says:

My hose bibb had the second leak you fixed all I did was tighten the nut and it stopped leaking. Thank You !!!!!

kev c says:

Hot and cold connection to washer. Nuts below handle were leaking. I used a channel plier and gave both bibs a soft 3/8’s turn and that’s all it took. No leaks. Returned 2 bibs and saved a lot of money. I would have had to call a plumber to change out the bibs….1 1/2″ connection secured inside wall but connected to 1/2″ copper line below so could not be sure what I would be working with while unscrewing and could not hold the main line potential for major damage. Thank you for simple but vital info.

BH JR says:

Best how-to video for the novice I watched, thanks

Konstantinos Velentzas says:

Great video. I appreciate people who go slow and explain. One of the better DIY videos I’ve seen. Thanks!

Reed Jessen says:

I really like how you explain why the leaks occur in the first place. In this case, the washer expands a little every time you close it tight and then it rubs on the inside of the bib. Thanks. Subscribing.

Miranda Kinn says:

what if my faucet does not have a “packing nut”? Mine is leaking when the water is turned on and hose is on.

clinke2007 says:

I watch a lot of how-to videos on YouTube, and I just want to compliment you guys for doing something many producers don’t do: miking the talent! So many producers think the mic on the camera is plenty good enough. It’s only good enough if you’re not interested in hearing the person speak.

terry7893 says:

Helpful tips for a simple fix.

jake phaque says:

Thank you! And the video looks great too btw.

Timothy Smith says:

Thank you for this article. I went to my local hardware store, spent $1.47 and I’m done, leak is gone.

Michael Whitworth says:

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Edward Pruneda says:

so….. what size was it?

fatalphantasy1985 says:

Great! Now I don’t have to pay my neighbor the 50.00 he tried to rip me off for!

richk3c says:

Just found out today I can turn my handle both ways – open and close and nothing comes out. The main water is still on and I can get water everywhere else in and around the house. Does that mean the bonnet is shot? Can I just replace the bonnet only or the whole valve/spigot?

PhoenixNARC says:

Thank you so much for posting this video!  The previous owners soldered the spigot to the water supply pipe and me thinking I needed to change the spigot, I was in a corner because I don’t know how to solder.  Tightening the packing solved the problem and you saved me $ and stress.
Thank you so much!

Swankster says:

hey, if the packing material is toast, can you show how to repack it, PLEASE? 

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