How To: Do it Yourself Aquarium Plumbing

In this video, I take a look at how I did the plumbing on my 220 saltwater aquarium. This video covers the how to do it yourself aquarium plumbing. I also share some tips and tricks with your DIY aquarium plumbing with the EcoTech Marine Vectra M1.

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МСК-Сантехника says:

For whom is made this aquarium?

915Mang says:

What’s sup MH, that Vectra is going to be sweet. Lots of flow

Abhijeet Dutta says:

very informative , thank you so much. Good jOB

lumbeejerk says:

two see swirls would been sweet as returns ! love your vids

Paul Chippington says:

Hi Jeff great new post and so informative thank you for sharing

Deon 0026 says:

very nice build on that stand.

francis pino says:

what kind of cement glue thats safe for fish? how many hours did you wait to cure the glue? thanks

kahner7 says:

Had to do this last night on an established tank. Practically drained tank, scooted over a couple inches, removed old sump put in new one, added sand (was bare bottom), replumbed. Long night

John Carlson says:

Forgot to say this was a very informative – gave you a BIG thumbs up!!

Jason Keane says:

Great video, just binge watched all your videos and subscribed 🙂 Just one question on your plumbing, regardless of our best intentions there will always will a leak, overflow or some kind of accidental spill, are you not concerned about those copper clips and water making it’s way onto them and into your sump somehow?

Reefer Nanoman says:

Nice channel. Check out my nano reefs in my channel. Subscribed.

Nancy Campbell says:

Great information, thank you so much.

Inappropriate Reefer says:

Great video, plumbing always intimidates me so it is reassuring to see how it’s done! I also painted a return pipe black in my tank with the same paint, no problem so far after 1.5 years.

Paul Blaney says:

great vid . good to know on the reef safe paint … I def hit the sub button, and I’m interested to learn more . 🙂 When you have some free time it’d be really cool if you stopped by and checked out my reef / channel and let know know what you think of it. I’m always up for some constructive criticism. thanks 🙂

Dario Gheller says:

good job

John Carlson says:

You say that this uses DC current. What do you use to get your DC?

Rosco's Reef with Scott says:

awesome video with a lot of information. Very nice job with your plumbing.

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