How to Do It Yourself Aquarium Overflow Sump Plumbing
DIY Aquarium overflow no drilling holes in your aquarium!
A simple tutorial video that shows how to build a overflow for your aquarium that you can use in line with a sump filter.


Rasmus Larsen says:

why the hole in the top endcap wont the water run down the T joint no matter what?

supersportchevel says:

Can someone help?  After a month of running, it started to constantly get air in the tube and lose suction.  I glued ALL joints and had the one way valve at the top silicon’d to the pipe.          I could not figure it out so I went back to my old setup.  I really want this to work.
125 gallon tank and trying to use a 40 gallon overflow tank.

George Rivera says:

dude, you are missing the other half of the setup

David says:

Thank you very much for this  DIY 😉 Looks great

Soulrider2012 says:

It can be more than one inch. It just has to be long enough to go over the top edge of the tank and back down the other side outside the tank.

Iszkaender Dahlisz says:


shakey2277 says:

Making videos with other peoples designs aye, typical asian bootlegger

Strike Ceralbo says:

quit the “throat clearing (ehem)”…… sounds your not confident bout your video…. just saying dude…. 

Yev Zakharov says:

Sometimes I wonder if these videos are all just copies of other YouTube Channel’s ideas…

Creative Backyard Concepts says:

Ahem ahem ahem keep the noise down

ahmed AhMeD says:

no pump?

Mehmet Kantarci says:

look ugly pipes but nice work!

Austin Dowd says:

whats the point of the T? I see one side isnt being used

Roel Lim says:

does this system clean the bottom of tank? can i use this system to do that?

Yatzary Moreno says:

Nice video but didn’t show the whole process

kenneth rutledge says:

And to all the people saying it looks bad… build a 3d background then.

HOPSareKEY says:

Can you run it with just one overflow?

Blah Blab says:

Put your helmet back on Iskandar. I have a 40 gallon with dual 24″ overflows with a  Dripmaster Powerhead.

John's Aquatics says:

Is this overflow design quiet? I plan to use it on my aquarium in my bedroom and I don’t want noise. Is it silent?

Nokie Bajenting says:

It’s okay if i use 1 ½ inch PVC bro?


Asian ppl so damn intelligent.

HG81 says:

ok i’m getting stuck on 1 small part, about 3 minutes into the video he kinda glosses right over the part about getting the syphon started, I understand the one-way valve, but how exactly do you get the water to start moving??   seems to me that if you just start sucking the air out of the tube its going to start sucking air from the entire pipe system, and that could take forever, how do you only suck the air out of the tube inside the tank?  i’m sure i’m missing something really simple…I hope

Sadie the vampire says:

OK so I have a 75gal tall. I have a 700gph pump with 1/2 inch inputs. I want to run the full 700gph what size pipe should I use for the over flow

liquidzorch says:

Anybody know what dimensions this tank is? It look great

Robertsclub says:

what kaind of check valve do u use?

Anonymous says:

I like this solution… especially if your power goes off… you will put only what is in your inside your pipe + water lvl into the sump tank…Just need to make sure that when you build your sump you have enough room for what is up to the water lvl + pipe. Thinking about using this solution for my 10″ sump

Keith Wright says:

Hi Curtis thank you very much for that video I am very interested in learning more I just got a 55 gallon aquarium I bought it used and it has a overflow tank I want to try to hook it up in the manner that you are doing with that system

Maurice Aquariums says:

Wow Thanks so much guys. Loved the easy lay out. 

Paulina_Allure says:

Love this video ! Enjoyed watching it !

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