HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 5 | Filter, plumbing and lighting TUTORIAL

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In this episode on how to build a plywood aquarium, I show you how I built the aquarium filtration, plumbing and lighting.

Building the plywood tank:
Water proofing the plywood tank:
Installing brace and glass:
Building the stand:


Jason Lee says:

Good stuff! The suspense is killing me. You should surprise us and post the last video Wednesday!

Randy's Tropical Plants says:

GREAT video series. I’ve wanted to build an aquarium like this for many years. Thanks!

Jimmy Tom Nielsen says:

great toturials! cheers from Denmark!

vikinglord13 says:

I noticed you didn’t use glue the PVC fitting together, is that because it is toxic?

Aquanorte says:

our videos are getting better and better, congrats to a TRUE fishkepper!

David Lefeber says:

I am making a plywood aquarium can I have the plumbing from under the tank. I dont want to do the plumbing from the Side like u did. plzz help

Esperanza Rendon says:

you are my favorite youtuber !!

The Graceful Savage says:

im excited for next weeks video!

I like how you set the series up this way… good idea man!

Alexandr Tulurin says:

Дым огонь и вонь!!! Супер, молодец! Жду продолжения

Charlie Rasch says:

If you can, can you provide the buy/cost list on the last video. 
Awesome build. I’m thinking of replacing my scratched up acrylic with a plywood.

NChync says:

the material you use for your lids. do they need to be weighed down or can they handle if the arowana jumps?

Joey Navarro says:

very nice! ive been watching all your videos.. i also love fish since i was a kid til now. i really love the wood aquarium you made. that is new to me.

The king of DIY says:

Final video:

Kronos99 says:

Honestly what are the dimensions of the whole thing

Greg Cxox says:

Has your wife ever used the words. ” if you bring one more aquarium into this house”

Samy Ismael says:

Did you build the sump to match the plastic tub dimensions or did you get lucky finding a plastic tub that fit?

Robby Bobby says:

Wow! You are incredibly talented!

Rajiv Sohi says:

Amazing series. I’ve learned a lot and planning a similar build. One question: shouldn’t the holes you made for the bulkheads also be coated with pond armour?

Sergio Martínez PHOTOGRAPHY says:

whats the name of that gray hose that you used for your return and where can I get it? thank you!

Jose Tufino says:

King of diy . I need help can u show how to make a stand for a 20 gallon but for a 10 gallon aquarium to fit on bottom . The 20 gallon measures 24×12×16 and the 10 gallon measures 20×10×12

Christian Anderson says:

Show me that arrow man !!

GooberTheUncouth says:

That turned out beautiful

Kyle Wo says:

Can’t wait till Sunday

31Sparrow says:

prrr – fascinating

Phillip Hamby says:

Loving the style and the total build you have going here. Tho one thing I would have to add here seeing this video. Having your drip system under the tank in the stand area I would want to seal that wood as well due to evaporation/condensation in a closed area. I know it’s not a must but I would want my tank stand to last as long as the tank it’s self.

marmar3000 says:

I love it!

shaikh mukhtar says:

you are indeed the king .thank you for this exelent video.

Todd R. says:

as your video’s show you do a lot of planning…why would you wait until this stage to plumb for filters…when pre-drilling before you seal the tank w/ pond seal would allow the exposed surfaces from drilling to be sealed at the same time as the inside….why trust a rubber bulkhead gasket to keep your wood dry…

James Grossi says:

Hey Joey, did you drill a hole in the top of the end-cap of the durso drain?

nyinfamous2k2 says:

The king doing his thing. always awesome to watch you work bro.

Real Storm says:

seriously how do you afford this stuff??

elvisaquarium says:

Great series of videos!! Looking forward to seeing the final tank next week!!

JoZaneHay says:

Excited!! Can’t wait!!!

Windy City Gamer says:

Does anyone know where I can buy a freshwater stingray online?

Jockey says:

I have a 90 gallon tank with a wet and dry sump with a set up like yours. I have found that the water is very noisy coming down the drain pipe. How do I make this more quiet?

berny's reef says:

Do you have problems with gas exchange having a lid over the tank?

Brendan Cavalier says:

Hey Joey did you get nervous when you drilled the tank?  The finished product looks so good I’m not sure I’d have the guts to drill it after putting in all that work!

Xaz371 says:

How long could one of these last as a saltwater aquarium? or is that not possible?

Nick J says:

Does the tote stay in place because it’s slightly larger ?

Brent Arnold says:

Is this type of tank build safe for saltwater?

Ryan Lee says:

Genius setup Joey, just awesome! Excited for next Sunday no doubt!!!

BlueScarlet97 says:

I was wondering how heavy is this? I was thinking about building this, but I may be moving out in the next few years. Also, would I need to make it less than 36 inches in the width to fit it through the average door way?

lam Nguyen says:

Joey, you said you were building this tank for an Asian Arowana. How are you getting a hold of such a fish? Do you not live in the states?

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Looking forward to seeing this tank in action!


Dam nice

Bartosz Pucilowski says:

great setup!!!

Khalid Jabbar Almayah says:

can I use ordinary fiberglass resin instead of pond shield?
I don’t know if I can find pond shield in Iraq

Zlachry says:

+The king of DIY  I need the next part *NOW*!! *Awesome* Like Always..

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