Farmhouse Restoration | DIY Plumbing | Ep.17 |

On this episode of our 100+ year old farmhouse restoration, we installed new sewer/ plumbing lines. Now we are able to add a much needed toilet on the main floor in the laundry room.

After making all the most common beginner plumbing mistakes, we eventually got it done.. and it works ! 🙂

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Lucas Rodrigues says:

Huuuum Brazilian music. instant like.

demonqueen26 says:

new watcher here! I love you guys…..looking forward to seeing all of your projects finished.

elen a says:

soooooooo amazing! you guys are incredible

Caleb Cothron says:

I never got a notification for this until two days later and it didn’t even show up in my sub feed. I’m upset. Psyched to watch this tho!

Andrea Gebhart says:

After seeing all the spiderwebs I would have paid the $3000. J/k great job!

Steve Mahr says:

What? You opted not to wear pajamas while installing your new poop shute? I think a more sensible outfit was the right call for crawling around under your house. And mad respect your your “can do” spirit. Don’t know that I would enjoy using my sewer line as a handrail when using the basement stairs, but to each their own. BTW – easily my favorite WS-E video so far – loved the music, the edit style, the industrial video overload, and of course – the 3 Stooges cameos. I often feel like those guys when figuring out home DIY projects. “FIX YOUR MISTAKE, YOU DUMMY!”

Monique Wiendels says:

Good for you for tackling this project! Must feel amazing to have accomplished it! Keep up the great work!

carlotta4th says:

This is a relatively small nitpick, but the way the ceiling boards look at 0:16 makes it look a patch job instead of the desired elegant exposed beams. I know that’s because a staircase used to be there and they boarded it up– but you might want to consider adding just a LITTLE bit of extra wood or sanding that section just to visually flatten it. It stands out quite a bit and distracts from the light in its current form.

Lizzy Serieys says:

If anyone else loves the tunes used in these videos as much as I do I’ve started making a SoundCloud playlist

SmokingSevens says:

That 90 degree fitting going from the crawlspace to the main part of the basement might give you issues. For horizontal drain pipes you should use two 45 degree fittings.

Edit – just saw another 90 degree elbow.

If the 90 degree bends works out, then run with them. But it’s something to keep an eye on.

santiago rafael says:

You kind of look like juaquin Phoenix

sinezia melo says:

I live in Brazil, I do not understand anything you say, but I love your videos! great editing and very good humor on this channel! Congratulations

Tina P says:

Ugh, I need more videos from you guys. I love what you’re doing to your farmhouse! I’m addicted

Warner Robins says:

I could not tell if you had your daughter or Wife helping?

Arterexius Gaming says:

That’s some serious rock in your basement! And a great certaincy of your house staying solid.

eipoc27 says:

I love your videos!

Making Stuff says:

Wft man, you editing is over the rooooffff. Amazin job!!!!!!!!

SkinsGeneration says:

I heard the hulk roar!!!

Sharon Kinsella says:

You must have an engineering degree? This is very impressive…

thereidss says:

Subbed because you have mad editing skills!

Judith Boltz says:

You are so brave to take on this task.

Taylor Watts says:


Moa Ejelöv says:

Why not an compost toilet or a separett? It would solve a lot of problems and you can use the waste and turn it to gold. use it on fruit trees or on bushes on the property. To late know but for anyone out there who would use the advice before going your route…

Angelica Titus says:

Love you guys

Anna Bas says:

you’re my favourite couple, please adopt me <3

Ren says:

excuse me the hoodie at 2:53! i WANT ONE!!

Dayane Lopes says:

Música brasileira <3

Ray Owens says:

Just found your channel today. Binge watched ALL of the episodes. Showed my wife what I was watching and she even watched a couple with me and she never does that. Great job y’all.

t_traspis says:

Just found this in recommended.. less than 3 minutes into the first video and I’m definitely subbing. I haven’t been this impressed in a DIY channel in ages. Your editing is fantastic!

stephanie pattinson says:

I LIVE for your updates!

david paquette says:

you guy are awesome, following you since an year already – Great editing ! when i saw that you take the ‘long’ route… i was feeling your pain. If i were you i did put an hole in the rock ! lol

sierra slayyss says:

if you’re here for hulks roar it’s at 8:30 yw

Warner Robins says:

$3000 grand and it would have taken good plumber 3 or 4 hours. You did right doing it yourself

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