Do not Throw Away Old Plumbing Make Simple DIY

Do not throw away old plumbing. Better make simple tools that will help you in life. Thanks for watching.
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russell hiscock says:

Reuse junk, destroy drill.

Tony Diaz says:


GamingStudios says:


Paul Cowan says:

What is the spinny drilly thing for? Cant be to mix anything in as there are holes in the bottom. Could it be an electric wheel for a hamster?

Andrea Zamponi says:


Roberto gamer says:

Hola soy Roberto de mandinga

Geovani Freire says:

Que merda. Fuck yourself.

George Hobel says:

that last item was pretty neat.. if i ever need a spinning hunk of metal inside an old aluminum lamp shade…..

Fhfhgff GjFM half says:

Good video

Akrapovix says:

You have a funny fetish with drills

bluewolfe96 says:

At 1.07…. *WTF IS that all about* It’s doing nothing at all

Gary Honey says:

Maybe I’m blonde but what the hell is that last thing

Charles Cosimano says:

I’m sure there is a use for that last thing but for the life of me I cannot imagine what it would be.

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