DIY Plumbing – Is your P-Trap Leaking? How to Fix a Leak on a P Trap – Sink Trap Repair

You can perform your own DIY plumbing. In this video I show you how to fix a leaking P Trap under the sink. This applies to most types of sinks with a PTrap – Laundry Sink, Kitchen Sink and Bathroom Sink. The P Trap is also known as a Sink Trap, a Trap, J-Trap, J Trap or a Sink Drain Pipe. The purpose of the trap is to allow a bit of water to sit within the pipe; thereby, preventing sewer gas from backing up into your home through the drain. Make sure you grab a replacement P Trap from the hardware or plumbing store. The P-Trap could be in two pieces as mine was or could be three with an optional extension tube. There are four parts to a sink drain. The first piece is the bottom of the sink and is called the tailpiece. This is connected to the p-trap. The p-trap is then connected to the wall bend that is then connected to the sewer stub out connector on or within the wall. The part you probably need to purchase is the p-trap and the wall bend. Depending upon the damage from rot you may also need to replace the tailpiece connected to the sink. The hardware or plumbing store will supply you with a new P-Trap. It is best if you take the old P-Trap with you so they can match up the new P-Trap. They will most likely supply you with an ABS P-Trap. If you take the old P-Trap with you please make sure you turn off the water so no one causes any damage when they turn on the water. AND Most importantly stuff a cloth towel in the drain so that sewer gas does not leak into your home. Sewer gas is dangerous.

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To replace the P-Trap remove the old one. Install the new one and be sure to install the nuts in the proper orientation with the compression rings / washers to ensure a snug leak free connection. The P-Trap will typically have a diagram showing installation and orientation of the washers. Typically the flat side of the washer goes against the nut and the chamfered side goes towards the mating pipe.

Please note that it may be impossible for you to turn off the water supply valves to the sink if it is corroded as badly as mine are corroded. This happens over time as humidity condenses on the pipes and sits on the valve body and corrodes it. The valve will stick due to this. Applying too much force to the handle could break the valve and lead to a horrible mess and maybe even permanent water damage.

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“Let me know if it helped you with your problem or if it sucked”. Love it.

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Wow that sucker was leaking!

Andrew Kan says:

Very useful! I’ve had my fair share of issues with my apartment, so knowing what’s broken can help! Thank you!

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