DIY Plumbing Basics – Galvanized and PVC Pipe


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joelombrdo says:

Very good video. Good explanations and visuals. Thanks for posting

BoxerfanUK says:

Greetings from the UK. Great video, enjoyed watching a pro at work.

lemmik1900 says:

Great informative video, as usual. I’ve had the good fortune of growing up through my life with older smart trademen, carpenters, pipefitters, welders,and trappers and big game guide hunter outfitters etc etc. I kept my mouth shut and listened and watched closely.
It made me learn fast without asking stupid questions You sir, show good common sense and a great deal more. Thank you. Keep the vids comming.
Oh,…by the way, have you sold many branding irons to Texan horse ranchers lately? 🙂

mthdeolc40 says:

Best instructions video do it yourself. Keep up good work.

Robert Cuevas says:

Good job couldn’t have done it better my self good explinations too some of those are small trade secrets you only learn on the job though they may seem like common sence

Matt L says:

Too complicated, I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan

AlchemistLair says:

Good simple explanations!! Subscribed!

spcbobert says:

i watched you play with ur pipe on youtube lol

mrbridges32 says:

Nice and simple. will subscribe, thanks for the video.

metalmoto says:

Just noticed that you used an adjustable wrench on the brass fitting, instead of the pipe wrench. I assume because brass is a softer metal, and the pipe wrench would gouge it up.

flagface4 says:

Good stuff thanks!

Aonexia says:

Fffffrig’in Wonderful Video Pro Rancher!!!

Christopher Rabun says:

Thanks for this video. I start my plumbing apprenticeship in a few days and it’s nice to know some of the basics before going in. Your videos are very informative.

Andy S says:

Excellent video with lots of informative stuff !!!

tiredtrucker4life says:

No plumbers crack?…….lol!……

djtetch214 says:

Wrong ….. wtf is with you diy people. .. wrong info this shit is making me laugh. ..
Next time read the can before you start to use solvents. ..
step 1 primer pipe
Step 2 primer fitting
Step 3 add glue to fitting
Step 4 add glue to pipe
Step 5 push together
Step 6 1/4 turn
All at one time
It’s called a “solvent weld”
Don’t primer everything then glue
The reason the pipe gets soft when you put primer cuz it is starting to melt primer mixed with glue makes a chemical reaction that melts the pipes together it doesn’t glue them together. .
And never mix pipe schedule 40 and schedule 80 should be put together by a male and female …
But good job on saving money by doing it yourself

All Hours Plumbing SLC says:

Besides you talking really fast, it’s a really informational video to watch for aspiring DIY handymen! Great tips to use, but always be careful when doing the installing yourself. Safety first everyone!

Jk Prat says:

Can you show me how to unscrew these pipes please? thank you.

Baba Gurgur says:

very useful thank you

Ricky Teachey says:

I had my toddler in the room while watching this, so thanks for dropping the F bomb in the middle of it, dumbass.

Wayne Tapass says:

can you weld pvc pipe? I want to weld my pipe to make it stronger

the crooner4jesus says:

great video .. good communication and skills, and info.

GenuineKracka says:

“However I hate fuckin around, so were just gonna go over to the chop saw.” hahaha spoken like a real tradesman.

Christopher Howard says:

Very informative man thanks

RaidoBjarkan says:

Did somebody call for a hairy plumber?

Floyd Albright says:

Why is it every time I see someone using a cresent wrench they are using it

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