DIY: Plumbing a bathroom using pushfit fittings / Conex Cuprofit / Pushfit plumbing

A video recording my first attempt at plumbing a bathroom. I decided to use Conex Cuprofit copper fittings as I thought this would be the easiest option having had no prior experience of a project like this.

The reviews seemed favourable and gave me the confidence to have a go. Following this installation, one of the fittings (a Conex Cuprofit Equal Tee 15mm) did leak and I decided to replace this using a compression fitting instead. Not sure whether this was a failing on my part or whether the connector was faulty. One of the things which became clear after reading the reviews was that it was essential to press the pipe in hard and to make sure you get it in by a good 15mm. Once in, however, they remain flexible and can be rotated without leaks even when the system is pressurised.

Overall, very impressed so far :?)


Garry G says:

I have done a fair bit of DIY plumbing now, I am confident with the plumbing side of things now, I would tackle anything now I recon lol, and soldering joints is not difficult either, but all these easy fit connections are good for the novice.

hffp1 says:

For what you did it’s all good but it’s a big BUT for a good reason. I’ll say that copper pipe is the long term way to go great…… push fit fixings (plastic/copper) hummm no…. Why you ask ? Well what the chance if the fittings leaking & having to pull all the copper work out to reinstall new again plus make new the damage. >>>>>>>>>>>

This why I’ll always will stick with end feed fittings + solder with blow torch, done right it never leak. My guess you spent a small fortune in fittings plus the pipe alone for that job? With end feed fittings you’ve could have cut it down to 1/4 of the price.

Oh yes that pipe bend… humm a pipe bender could have been bought with the left over change, I see no pipe clips, no protection of the copper to the raw cement/plaster a BIG NO NO – gaffer tape will work great.

This is just view point of person that did it wrong once then had to redo that same work that many years ago, now I don’t make them mistakes others do.
Friends & family normally call me when they do the same mistakes, I have sort it out at there own cost, I’m not a professional just self taught person who sees big issue in the future when others don’t.

Steven King says:

Looks like your floor joists there are beefy. We call it old growth or “dimension” lumber, which was when a “2”x4″” board actually measured 2″ by 4″. The dimensions now are 1-1/4″ by 3-1/4″ to save lumber. I know I know. I’m an American, I am not sure how many centimeters your lumber measures, but contrary to most folks beliefs, we use both metric AND SAE (standard and English). 🙂 good work sir.

Richard Strangward says:

Nice job – shows what we can achieve when push ourselves. Keep it up!

Steven King says:

I built 70 houses, new construction. Now I have three rentals. Love construction. Good work and nice video from NC USA. Steven

Mo` UK says:

Have you had any leaks 10 months on? I don’t think I could live with those stop ends. The joints though would prob be OK. I always use compression but may consider push fit in future.

Zed Man says:

Good idea with the cable ties. Hope you managed to protect the copper pipe up to the shower mixer. Behind cement and in contact with cement it will eventually rot. Needs to be protected i sleeve with 21.5mm overflow pipe or some form of lagging.

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