In this video I show you how to make a DIY Industrial (Steampunk) style light fixture/pipe lamp. Using black pipe is an easy and flexible way to get an industrial look and can be built with minimal tools and in whatever design style you wish.

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Patreon Producer: Ray Massey


Sentinalh says:

I am having no luck finding 1″ – 1/2″ couplers or 3/4″ – 1/2″ tees at any hardware stores nearby.

rossatron009 says:

love this light fitting. is the frame work earthed?

Mr. Fix It says:

Thanks so much for watching this video! Don’t forget to go over and check out the Piano Bar video on the Carhartt channel and leave a comment letting them know I sent you!

garudateams says:

I will make this and gift it! Awesome!

Ryan Waterson says:

A GOOD WAY TO BURN A HOUSE DOWN! not so mention shock hazard! You should use a MINIMUM 14 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire according to the NEC (National Electrical Code) per a 15amp circuit which is a standard lighting circuit in all homes. Or use a 12 AWG wire if it is a 20 amp circuit. 18 gauge wire is way too small and WILL overheat which will cause a short which is another huge concern since you do not have a grounding wire grounded and ungrounded pipe. You should really consult an electrician or at least have a BASIC understanding of electrical before posting videos like this. a good way to burn peoples houses down and or SHOCK!

Jim OBrien says:

Great video…Thanks for posting.

NewUnderTheSun says:

Nice job but I don’t see where the cost adds up to over a hundred bucks.

Bullochman says:

Holy crap; this is the BEST instructional video bro!! Thank you so much for creating something quality here! It really helps out

Dale Richmond says:


TheKikisquid says:

That is really cool!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

That thing is really cool. Thanks for the plain explanation of the wiring.

Ton Demmers says:

looks great and very decorative.

Wendys Wohnzimmer says:

Great project! I did a simple version of this industrial pipe lamp on my channel 🙂

cpfolds says:

Just ordered all the pipe parts and made a trip to the big orange box store for the other items. Yes the light bulbs are expensive but it’s going to look awesome.

Raymond Massey says:

Great looking lamp!

Dane Boe says:

Very cool! Dig the look of the end result!

Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks says:

Very cool!

Ryan Grondin says:

Lovely video!

Ozzie P says:

this is great! i really want to make some of these for myself. i love the look but i was skeptical of the wiring. thank you! im going to try it!

Ben Carr says:

Where can I get the parts from???

MinerMinesMC says:

That was an awesome video! I normally don’t watch these types of videos, but this was something that really interested me! (Btw it is Matthew) 🙂

Sentinalh says:

This is really cool. It would be even cooler if you hacked together a water valve into a light switch for it.

Nick Ferchau says:

not using an equipment ground wire on a metal pipe light fixture is a good way to get someone shocked if the wires do end up shorting out.

Carhartt says:

This industrial light fixture sets the piano bar off. Great project and video!

MamboTek says:

Great work. I really like the industrial/steampunk look….

Matthew Cremona says:


Sabine SmartyJones says:

Big, heavy duty, industrial looking – pipes and vintage bulbs =Awesome!
The wimpy, annoying, thru-cord rolling on/off lamp switch = wahn, wahn, wahn. 🙁
Is there a way to use a heavier toggle-type thru cord switch.
Can’t stand those rolling clicky types.

Born Again In Jesus says:

Waow! That was really awesome!!

Making it Matters says:

Awesome lamp – nicely done

Xu Steven says:

our factory make thouse bulbs , contact me if you are looking for supplier ,thanks ,skype:greenplanet4 ;whatsapp:+8613412974055

MrHandwerk says:

Hey a great lamp you have built there. I like it very much. Greetings MrHandwerk

redwood1957 says:

Looks great,you should speak to an electrician about grounding your pipes or conduits. As it stands you could have a a hot to ground (your pipes) with a shock potential

Josh Madden says:

What type of 18 gauge wire do you use from the socket to the splice? I used lamp and there isn’t much room. I have automotive wire, but i didn’t know what you thought was cheapest and best.
Great video! I love the fixture from your plan!

Mike Lisboa says:

This was a great work , I’m gonna try to do one, but normally everything I do turns in a disaster but even so I’m gonna do, fooling your instructions should be easier…I hope
Like a lot you channel …SUBSCRIBED

Ben Richardson says:

No earth?

M33liss Unknown says:

Thank you

pgtrob says:

Hey Mr. Fix it. Nice lamp! I just built my own table pipe lamp. I bought all of the black iron pipe fittings & piping from Lowes and it was pretty expensive. Do you know where to find cheaper prices on black piping and fittings? I saw someone said Zoro in the comment section but it was only 10 cents cheaper than Lowes for some of the fittings. Any ideas?

cpfolds says:

By the way the best prices I’ve found on the pipe is by a company called Zoro, they have a line called VALUE BRAND. Very reasonable.

Tim May says:

Thanks this helped me get my wiring correct for my sidetable-lamp project.

Peter C says:

money, just money

José Luis Alonso says:

The hole world use the metrical system and you anglos still using the inches.

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