DIY How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing


Converting plumbing from copper to pex has never been easier. In this video Jeff shows one of the ways you can install plastic tubing while still coming from a copper source. This time Jeff tries out a new compression fitting product by Sharkbite, check out the video to see how they did.

This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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Nick Nuzzi says:

wraping the Teflon upsidedown, this guy must not work alot

Johnny Kang says:

sharkbite fittings in wall a no no. and don’t put pex adapter on bottom of valve it cuts flow down and will make water drip out of shower head run copper or three quarter pex with three quarter by half adapter

Dr Ralph Kennedy says:

I hope this homeowner didnt spend a lot on tiles because they’ll all be coming off again within 12 months. BTW adding paste and PTFE on compression fittings is UNDERrkill – not overkill – you are obstructing the thread from advancing fully and compressing the olive and doing its job. A few wraps of PTFE tape on the olive is fine – slapping all that shit on there will result in the joint failing eventually when the water washes away the thread sealant over time. Personally I always solder all joints that are inaccessible

R. L. says:

Awesome video!! Thank you so much Jeff, I learned so much! I really appreciate!

Aspince Laframboise says:

The ikea of plumbing eh… Ü

Ziyad Kolani says:

Is that an R23 valve ?

glumberty1 says:

Is it okay to mount that with drywall screws or do the screws have to be copper or brass?

JVanO100 says:

is it legal to do minor plumbing for customers in ontario with out a licence? not a asshole comment just genuinely curious. Cheers!

John Zima says:

You the man! Thank You for the video I can understand and fallow! Excellent job! I just wish my knees were younger….

daniel ramos says:

BTW I enjoy the videos.

wrr2112 says:

How about turning those channel-locks around the correct way to tighten those fittings. Better yet, use a cresent wrench as to not round off the fittings edges. And you’re a plumber? LMAO!

frick frack says:

you never want to leave them in the wall

Ken MacDonald says:

How do you pressure test? Do you just cap the shower and tub tap and turn on the water?

Vicente Castillo Corona says:

Which mark are the connections that are sealed with those rings

daniel ramos says:

Recently used shark bite fittings and pex lines to run water to my garage and back of house .It was so easy its scary! I must have checked those fittings two three times a day for a week .Love them but not sure how comfortable I would be using them behind a wall. Then again I’ve heard plumbers say nothing good about pex lines and fittings . But around here all new construction is almost100% pex.

TheStuntman350 says:

Can’t even use the teflon the right way

buster53156 says:

good vid, why pay an over priced plumber to do a simple task like that, weve been getting rorted for years.

M Croley says:

Obviously everyone can’t do it….

Scot MacQueen says:

stealing plumbers jobs

MrSprintcat says:

By the way its 5/8 inch outside diameter not 1/2 inch…..

Dave Overbey says:

I used the regular pex couplings on my shower one time & not the push on connectors as was a mistake for the fact those couplings reduced I did not allow the proper water flow as they restricted the pressure between the shower head & the spigot & it allowed the water to flow between both of them continuously all the time of regardless if the diverter was in either position. Now I did leave the water supply to be kept in pex but I changed the shower head & the tub spout pipes over to galvanize & it worked great. I found Pex is mostly the best to work with,, but keep in mind the shower up rise & tub spout pipes need is to be in Galvanized or copper for best results. What really made it bad for me was I did not discover the problem till after I finished tiling the wall & had to tear it back out to correct it. L.O.L Another note is to know the difference between black pipe & galvanized as they look so alike but will ignite a problem. Just make sure it’s galvanized & not the other. I hope this can help you & save somebody the hard acke of the same mistakes I made. Good luck & may God bless his people! You can YouTube me Dave Overbey on self defense strategies & tactics I myself have developed a style all it’s own will make you smile, how to defeat the hands & feet w/my technique. It’s like no other style & is easy to learn to defend yourself & others on easy training fast learning ability & not this slow learning taking your hard earnings. You should be fight ready in time of need be as maybe even be early of almost soon as tomorrow. Who know’s what maybe tomorrow will be? I don’t say to fear or try to scare you but simply beware of those who might just dare you. Everybody should be fight ready in today’s society as it’s gone crazy! Gun’s are fun but at the same time you need not it be taken from you unexpectedly. My training is not hard nor does it need continued hard work outs or super strength athletic ability but normal routine easy practice building the right habits the power & speed comes naturally building reflexes of thoughtless reactions to every action is not majical, mystical or supernatural but practical common sense fighting tactics, fighting smarter not harder. It’s not the acrobatic round house spin kick tricks as kicks are for kids & results for adults. Be yourself smart or be a fart full of yourself. I teach practical common sense not how to break bricks, boards or sticks using tricks & bullshit.Just YouTube me Dave Overbey & take it for what it’s worth & if so you liked it, don’t forget to give a thumbs up on it. Thanks for watching.

Krishan Kulkarni says:


msumm12 says:

Google Video from someone who seems to know his trade. One major problem is he failed to mention that using pex on a shower connection between the valve and shower head will create shower rise. Pec tubing inside diameter is not large enough and causes water to rise up to the shower head causing water to come out of the shower head even with the diverted off. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Use copper for this connection

Man Mani says:

thanks a lot

peakaboozen says:

Channellock pliers are backwards.

Aldin-Leen Sugden says:

this video might have saved my ass this weekend

gcfixn says:

BS, he turned the teflon tape on wrong the hard way. lol

Nic Parker says:


Donald Thomson says:

So what is the point in using the plastic junk ??? Do it all in copper like we always did

Bill Swanson says:

Thank you. Very informational. I need to learn how to use PEX.


it’s wrong

Terry Mitchell says:

Don’t use this video for diy tub and shower valve replacement

doppler says:

T hot riser seemed short. Did you have to edit and change it out?

Md Remon says:

how many plumber r commenting here

S E says:

Hey you need to make a 15/16 inch mark for 1/2 inch. This guy is gonna get you sued. He is not a plumber, and the plastic insert , inside needs to be removed for the copper. That plastic insert is for the pex side only.

Nick Nuzzi says:

lmao no need to call a license plumber until you got a leak

brian klein says:

way to much Teflon & you don’t need paste & Teflon together & the pliers backwards this guy is a joke

Vinny Trocino says:

OMG, sharkbite in the wall!

Stephen Austin says:

Saw it right off. They are really called pump pliers. So if put on the correct way, you just pump them. Channel lock made them famous, thus people call them channel locks. But they are water pump pliers.

Jorge Rodriguez says:

Its easy just solder a sweat fitting from copper to pex. Are u guys that dumb not to figure it out

William Kelly says:

Great job bro!  This totally helped thanks.

slawomir nowak says:

angielska kaszana

Rx Seven says:

Looks good to me.
That’s all that matters. He who is free of sin cast the first stone

Lukenukkem says:

Why would you touch the fresh sanded pipe with your dirty, greasy fingers? Use a clean cloth, wipe the pipe clean, THEN – apply the fitting.

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