DIY How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

Learn the trick to fast plumbing in your home. Pex shower valve with tips for using a torch to convert from copper to pex.
Bathroom Reno series part 2 of 9

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Topher Quick says:

Haven’t even watched the video yet and already gave it a thumbs up, LET’S GO BABY!

bryce holmes says:

Absolutely love the videos bud, keep em coming!

Don Brooks says:

What is the blue “test plug tool” called? I must be on the hunt to find one. 🙂

Jake Pell says:

Doing you own plumbing in Australia is a criminal offense.

Kevr says:

Being a contractor you should invest in a pex a expansion tool. I used my new dewalt expansion tool yesterday ($299 tool and heads, no battery) and loved how quickly I was able to run plumbing for 3 bathrooms and a laundry room. I think once you try it you won’t go back to the hand crimper.

Mah name a Jeff says:

Just came to the comment section to see if any know it all’s are telling you how to do your job.

Brilliant work regardless, love the vids Jeff and Max, bravo.

sherif Halim says:

I am waiting for new videos for you

Txheej Khab says:

I’d love to have you do my plumbing for me.

kerryithm2 says:

Doesn’t bother You that the base of the valve was on a twist ( all 4 corners were NOT in contact w/the wood – hence 2 screws ) ? NO supports on the Vertical riser ? you have ALOT of good input. These 2 violations give DIY’rs a Bad Name , in my opinion. thank U.

Neil Grayson says:

So nice to see someone who understands soldering so many people/videos use the torch to melt the solder. If the workpiece it’s self is not hot enough to melt the solder it will not form the necessary amalgam. This is also true of electrical soldering apply the solder to the workpiece not the iron or torch. Nice video.

Ryan Elliot says:

I was just about to start this project in a few weeks!! Thank you!!!!!

Larry Cook says:

Great video.

Chris Hansen says:

Do u know Richard Trethewey from ‘this old house’ by any chance? u seem to have a new england accent.. Also when u soddered the pipe  u dont a feel a need to grind it smooth it just bugs me for aesthetic reasons..?

N.ESS says:

This channel is invaluable.. thanks so much. For a plumbing dummy.. what’s the reasoning for reusing the copper at the bottom rather than going with a non-metallic alternative (pex/pvc)

Merrill Thompson says:

Another very informative video. Thanks for these great videos.

sherif Halim says:

Thank you very much
Dear brother

sherif Halim says:

I am very fun and benefit from you whether working in carpentry or plumbing. I wish you success in your work

I watch you from Egypt

Joona Knuutinen says:

youtube is full about brazing vs soldering. not what your channel is about, but can you make a video bout that?

Serge. Crispino says:

Funny that You say a home owner is throwing away money by getting in a plumber – not sure how insurance companies operate in Your Country but engaging a licensed and Insured Plumber may be a wise investment. Plastic pipe , push on or crimp on fittings are not cheap either and do fail. If You want to sleep at night do it in copper all day everyday.

sherif Halim says:

think the equipment is very helpful in accomplishing the work easily

Bronx Birdman says:

That’s J.E. double F.. Another great detailed video!! Thanks, From your buddy Greg “the hammer” Valentine!!!

steve simpson says:

Another great video Jeff thanks

TheCrookHook says:

I could see myself ripping my hands to shit even if you just told me to wear a glove :< Great vids!

Michael Sim says:

Great job keep up the good work

david atfus says:

very helpful! clear and informative, takes a lot of the fear out of DIY plumbing projects around the house. thanks jeff!

Normand Fontaine says:

Tank’s for your videos. I would like to if you install a sink or shower in basement ,do you need air column that prevent knocking when you close water supply valves ? Tank’s

deanna roberson says:

Do you have a video on installing a dishwasher from a original plumbing system that did not have one. I would like to DIY this if it is easy enough to safe money. Or should I call a plumber? I have never done plumbing before.

Daniel Pawlata says:

I am a big fan. I’ve noticed you haven’t use the ‘go’ ‘no-go’ gauge for crimping. Also, you have crimped some of the crimps partially only and not the whole surface of the crimp. Was this OK? In one of your similar videos you’ve used Sharbite to go from copper to pex, are both connections are suitable for inside the wall?

sherif Halim says:

Thank you

Timothy says:

Do the pex lines need to be level?

Justin Brison says:

If you get a big enough solder drip on your tub it will melt the acrylic

Ricardo Garcia says:

What brand of valve and trim did you use?

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