DIY Home Build: Loose Ends… (Ready For Plumbing)

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Getting all of the loose ends tied… Ready for plumbing!


Video about Lifevantage products and the science behind them.

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CrimeVid says:

Why not access the end of the under stairs cupboard from the room rather than its own door ? this will stop the low end being waste space.

John says:

was that a palm nailer you were using on the wall joist hangers?

SKP215 says:

Jeez – the whole family can bounce on that top stair at the same time now! Tying up loose ends is always a happy day. Congrats on this next milestone when you get to do your thang (plumbing) 🙂

Bikerchic says:

no one would ever call u lazy

Scott Foster says:

Heat and another step closer to a home.

Michael Parker says:

Have you thought about a gas water heater, gas stove, heat? you can get one of those 1000 gal. Tanks cheap and gas is also very efficient.

Ontario Lakeside says:

Just found your channel. good looking project! We are building our own off grid cabin. Check us out on our channel if you get a second. We have subscribed!

louis paine says:

Good video. Cheers

singleman says:

Eh? “Fill EVERY hole”? WTF? That inspector is screwing with ya, but arguing only makes it worse. That’s Commiefornia ‘earthquake zone’ BS. Blocking IS a time consuming PITA, but I believe more is better so you didn’t hurt yourself there. (NO such thing as ‘overbuilding’). Upside is the inspector gave you an option to ‘fix’ an error that actually HELPS in the long run. I think yer doing great, Heath. Here’s a house you’ll have every right to be proud of for generations. I say WELL done, and keep on erring on the side of caution.

mike fedele says:

It is all coming together nicely it all looks really good. How does the woodstove do for heat in there?

Kinu Grove says:

When are you planning to finish the outside of the house? Did yo stop because of the weather?

James Pottorff says:

When you install the water heater under the stairwell, I would just stub out an extra cold water input with valves, then when you get your solar water heater built, you could add it to the 2nd input to the on-demand hot water heater. So if the solar water heater did not heat up your water hot enough, at least you are preheating the water going to the on-demand unit. btw: house is looking GREAT!

Pat McLean says:

get that nailgun overhauled before it comes apart on you those sparks mean its beating itself apart

avonleanne says:


Joe Leonetti says:

Could the tankless heater be installed on the outside and covered in some sort of little bump out utility room?

CrimeVid says:

Your building inspector is out of his cotton picking mind !

jan henderson says:

When do you plan on moving your family in?

petnzme01 says:

Looking forward to your plumbing installation.

Corey Taylor says:

Those stairs are going nowhere.

liam shanahan says:

When are we going to get a update on the case excavator

Peter Grant says:

another great video… why you don’t have 200,000 subscribed is crazy. Love all the explanation of your plans.

Todd Cottle says:

How warm did the house get with the wood stove going?

shartne says:

There is no way on Gods green earth that stringer is going to sag with the giant beam or post you made for it.

Brian Curwick says:

Heath you know you are supposed to blow out those holes!!!

Banjo Benson says:

at least you get to work inside

Bikerchic says:

love the channel

hud call says:

Welcome to Idaho! wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.

tongsli says:

How warm was it with the stove lit?

Tesslynn Amburgey says:

So where is the water going to come from? Isn’t that still a major concern? or are you gonna fill tanks until you get that spring used as a source? What America pitches is highly upsetting, so many usable items-we need to do better in recycling and repurposing.

35Colorado says:

Light fires the easy CHEAP way, take a cotton ball, put a liberal amount of petroleum jelly on it, smear it in, pull the cotton ball apart to expose frizzled ends, light it with a simple spark (it ignites very very easy, even with a spark) and it will burn long enough to start your fire EVERY TIME.

SmittenKitten FiberArts says:

Again, LOVE! i cannot wait for drywall….. and i cant wait for Cedar to make it hers w her touches … this is so exciting to watch ♡

Thomas Russell says:

Thank you so much for bracing that stair runner. Get-er-done!

Furious Styles says:

Make sure you heavily insulate inside since you don’t have the rigid foam outside. It will greatly improve your quality of life once your all in! That and 5/8 sheet rock will give you a fire rating and your all snug after that…

Downeastwaves says:

Looks wonderful, so nice to see the smoke coming out of the chimney!

Caveman Do says:

You really nailed that logo on your hat, very well done.

roger gaylord says:

looks great i hope all goes well keep it and have a great day

off the grid tiny home out west says:

Super nice

Andrew H says:

Know you most likely arn’t going to have a TV but blocking in the walls for tv mounts makes installing them so much easier later on when you do want them.

So much easier to wire the place for wired net and tv/cable/sat lines with the walls open then when you want them in x years and have to hide behind baseboards

Greg Petrey says:

Do you have a floor plan you could share. We are wanting to do the exact same thing!

John Warden says:

That was overkill if I ever have seen it on the door framing. Everything is looking good, hope the inspector sees it that way.

Woodwork Noob says:

My wife says starting your woodburner that way is just plain cheatin’…lol

Randall Shular says:

Hope the wood burner is making it warm inside even tho the insulation is not finished.

Jody Sappington says:

thank you

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