DIY Cedar Hot Tub (Episode 6): Benches and Plumbing

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After we had the framework of our hot tub completed, it was time to put on the finishing touches before adding water which included benches and plumbing. Both were fairly straightforward and had no surprises to them. Let us know if you have any questions about either installation in the comments!

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J. Verheulst says:

Rusty woodscrews used to build that bench?

Broxty says:

“Super simple plumbing” installs plumbers tape backwards… Great video though.

Dylan T says:

I have a confession, I don’t want to build a hot tub. I just want to see your wife in a bikini.

ilan magen says:

How do you fill up you DIY Cedar Hot Tub with water and how do you heat the water ?

TRUMP2016 Local187 WallBuilders Union says:

great job on that hot tub guys ….. is that also a time machine too ? #HotTubTimeMachine wooop wooop

Richie311 says:

Your drain isn’t flush with the floor and it didn’t look like your floor has a grade so you’re gonna have some trouble with standing water after you drain it.

Shi-Jie Michael Zhao says:

Is there glue in between the side boards?

chevy6299 says:

can’t wait to see this submersible wood fired heater.

Lew Bates says:

Been waiting
for this episode.

Thought I would see you two soaking by now.

DavidPurviance says:

I noticed you installed the teflon tape backwards on the fitting. Wrap it the opposite direction, when you turn the pipe clockwise during assembly, the tape wont unwind and cause a leak. Not trying to be a know it all, just trying to help.

Robert Hamilton says:

I think its a great idea you will be recycling the water as well!

J. Verheulst says:

BTW see my profile picture for a building schematics of your future home to build. 😉
With built in, South facing double greenhouse to grow all your wintergreens and tropical fruit in summer and to raise your own Tilapia in your indoor pond. 🙂

Johnson Rocson says:

Great video. Wheres the dang water hah. Really appreciate the attention you paid, nothing slapped together on this homestead!

filmcostar says:

why no jets or are you adding some later

julien hunt says:

First! So how are you gonna hear it?

brian zeh says:

Just came across your channel. Loving it . Great chemistry and flow. Your property is gorgeous. Are you up in the sierra nevada’s somewhere? I want to build a similar tub for our property in Mendocino.

Hunterdude says:

shouldn’t have put a gap. over time there will be one.

Bobby Hendley says:

Noooooo!! I wanted to see the water in it! You teasers!

canesrock82 says:

Man you guys are milking this with the short video’s…:P

theoldwizard998 says:

WHEN your tub drain starts leaking, go “old school”. Remove the drain and remove whatever gasket that came with it. Get a tub of plumbers putty. Remove a good sized “wad” and start kneading it with your hands. Eventually you need to roll it into a snake that is fat enough to fill the void around the bottom side of the drain and between the drain and the floor.

You need to have enough so that was you tighten the drain down the excess will squeeze out the side. THIS IS KEY ! If it does not squeeze out on all side. remove and start over again making a fatter snake.

The excess that squeezes out can easily be removed and placed back in the tub it came it. Similar to

MrFlip001 says:

Hey the clickable link showed up this time! Yaaaaaay!

Tub looks great. Good work! I missed it, are the bench legs cedar too? Any worries about them rotting over time?

Davith Kane says:

Great build, nice to see it realized and coming to completion. If you need testers, I’ll sign up. lol!

Joel Mckee says:

It looks to me like the drain comes almost an inch above the floor. Does that mean you cannot empty the tub completely?

Todd Dembsky says:

My car is pointed to the west, I have a full tank of gas, it is 100.6 degrees in Minnesota — and I am wearing sunglasses. I am on a mission from Minnesota to find this mystical wonder called the DIY Cedar Hot Tube. If I find this place — my life will be complete.

This is cool wonderful — You are really going to love this in the winter — I really am looking forward to the episode where you install the heater and fire it up for the first time. I will crack open a beer on that episode and pretend that the 103.5 degrees it is now in Minnesota is really me in the hot tube, not the hot apartment…

Gary Mercer says:

Great job!

J P says:

Knot ideal you say? Eh? Eh? 🙂

ThatGuyThatThumbs says:

I would have thought that a drain with just the ball valve would be sufficient as if you get out and want to drain the tub you will need to depress it from the inside. Since it is installed under a bench you it will make it harder to push it with a stick or some other “tub Drainage device”. Thoughts?

Gregor Miller says:

Good post, enjoying your progress. I happened upon a site, showing how to make water pumps, endless hot water w/0electricity and more good stuff.

The Ineffable Homestead says:

Sounds like your going to be enjoying this as a “cold tub” rather than a hot tub for a bit to get out of the heat.

Looking great though, exciting to see this project coming so close to finished. Have you gotten a wood stove for it picked out yet?

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