DIY Camper Van Plumbing for our DIY Sprinter Campervan – #vanlife | Adventure in a Backpack

Installing plumbing in our diy camper van was honestly a bit of an after thought. We knew we needed plumbing in our campervan for vanlife, but we weren’t sure how to do it. This DIY Campervan plumbing setup is our current setup, but doesn’t include parts we actually recommend.

If you want to see the products we actually do recommend, check out this link:

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We built a 100% DIY Campervan so we could travel full-time and take adventures around North America. Want to see how we built it? Check out this playlist:

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Nate and Steph are a couple of crazy adventurers who decided that life was too short to spend their time and money accumulating “stuff.” So, they set out in an RV in January 2016 to travel North America and replace their stuff with experiences. In March 2017, they sold their RV and bought a Sprinter Van, which they built out into a campervan to continue their travels and adventures in #vanlife style.

Both originally from the small town of Blanchard, Oklahoma, Nate and Steph enjoy learning about new cultures and experiencing different ways of life across the world. They like to meet new people from all walks of life and just sit and have a beer with whoever shows up. It’s all about spontaneity in this life!

They travel with their two pups, Pyros and Sparta, who have become great travelers and adventure pups as well.
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Jack B O'Neal says:

you can put in gfi plug some where easy access then Daisy chain feed to that plug so u know when it pops you can run three or 4 plugs off of one GFI PLUG

Glen Spivey says:

What is the yellow cord that disappears behind the storage on the back door for?

Thomas Staples says:

Great video I would not use the corrugated tubing, it will start if not already trap Gunk and could also be attributing the smell.

Phil Rusciano says:

get a small outdoor waterproof outlet with a GFCI duplex. very safe cover is water tight.

Paresh S. Dharodiya Best time says:

we plane europe tour van with one more coupel..our rqvair is one van and one more coupel….

Jay Kay Dee says:

Pouring a little vinegar down the sink drain will help control the “digestion” odors in the grey tank . . .

Silent Traveler says:

Nice couple, But sorry to say the video was really boring….

Steve Solem says:

REALLY love your videos guys and thanks for all the great detail you show! Please keep it up!

Antone Schweitzer says:

I would add some sort of inline water filter system to your kit if were me.

22mswartz says:

Are you guys going to be at the Overland Expo in Asheville NC?

Aaron Tsur says:

love your kits, thank you!!!

Phil Rusciano says:

dump 1/4 cup of bleach in to water collector and no smell.use each time you empty.

Carpenter Family says:

The back ground music in the video had me fooled. I kept stopping the video as I thought it was here in my house.
PS – I love your videos. You two have done such a great job with your van.

Craig Keizer says:

Hey guys thanks for the videos! Not sure if it would be an option for your outlet under the sink but you can put a gfci ahead of it. Line in to the gfci in a more accessible spot in the van for test/reset and load would go out to existing receptacle. My 2 cents. Happy travels.

daniel bolliger says:

What water pump is in the video?

LivingLifeWithAaron says:

I’m about to build out a van with a friend who’s a pro. He and another pro I’ve talked to have shy’d me away from composting toilets. One said just do a cassette toilet and my friend who’s helping me build is basically trying to convince me to go without a toilet. What’s your take on composting toilets and are yall just using a basic cassette toilet?

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