DIY Camera Slider made with Plumbing Pipe and Scrap Metal

DIY Camera slider. I used some 1-2-3 blocks, a few nuts/bolts, some plastic U-groove wheels, and some galvanized plumbing pipe to make this camera slider.

The articulated design came from Jerry over at Jerry’s this or That.

Check his video out here for his 3D printed camera slider here:

Behind the Scenes Youtube Channel:


Peter says:

nice gary! AVE was trying to cobble something similar together but your version is certainly more polished and actually works. the little blocks with the holes, were did you get those from? a supplier or did you get creative? sorry if I missed that detail. i guess you could always put a second set of rollers on to hold it onto a tube so it could be run in a spiral and upside down etc for some really exciting shots (like how a roller coaster runs) if that makes sense

d m says:

That’s awesome man! Been waiting on a video from you!!!!

The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

Very COOL Gary.

yolo swag says:

first, i never watched this channel before but im first

Leonard Shannon says:

good to see you back. I was wondering, where is Gary.

Greg's Garage says:


James Baumann says:

Works like a champ! Nice job.

Mr. green says:

next is curved rails !!!

KingsDisasterGarage says:

How much for this sweet setup? I need something like this

Ray Caniglia says:

Nicely done Gary!

Shut Yer Face Garage says:

who dis ?

Travis McElroy says:

Outstanding Gary!

Rick Anderson says:

Very nice job!

Ray Eddy says:

Entertaining video Gary! If you did any talking in it I missed it because I had to mute the entire video. Be safe and God bless you !!

Eco Mouse says:

Throw a couple of those pipes in your ring roller to make a track with an arch in it.

Jimmy's Tractor says:

100% awesome, this is what it’s all about. Simple cost effective solutions that anyone can follow.

finpainter1 says:


steef mor says:

Awesome video, Gary… best one yet! Except for the one with the girl in it, of course. 😉

1970chevelle396 says:

Great job. The only thing camera related I made was a Iphone tripod mount. Works good for taking time delayed pictures.

jevchance says:

Looks like it works good, did you stabilize in Premiere? I noticed a studder on the XLR footage are you shooting at 30fps?

Kent VanderVelden says:

Looks great. Already some dislikes… proof one can’t satisfy everyone.

Jerry's This and That says:

Great edit Gary and thank you for the mention sir. Love how the sign shots work at the end.

FIX IT GUY says:

Great video and music, one of your best made yet.

ChrisB257 says:

That put a gnarly piece of steel to good use Gary 🙂
Kool beanz! If I had something even approaching a large flat surface I’d make one!

Mat D says:

Love that you made this with a level of machining the home gamer can replicate. Great work.

COVERCATZ Auto Trim Upholstery says:

sweet build Gary.
Now that I think about it I’ve seen a lot of other builds but they were light as a feather, at least with this build it’s a little heavier.

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