DIY Auto School – Plumbing The Bathroom – Part 2

My Friend Pete does a walk around after doing some plumbing using pex pipe as the main source for the shop bathroom. DO IT YOURSELF is the only way to go when it comes to plumbing and doing it RIGHT!
Sharkbite Fittings where used along with PEX Pipe Crimps to make all this happen. or 972-420-1293

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90taz scooter says:

why pressure test drain pipes they don’t build pressure they just drain water, dont forget the s trap in the shower you will have raise higher than 4″

Kevin Needham says:

Looks like is comeing together

78recordrepair says:

Thats not DIY auto school, it’s DIY( DIY auto school). Looks great.

Romanm1957 says:

Looks great Pete!

Delta Co says:

cut the fuckin concrete ! Do it right !!

SmileytheFeralCat says:

HF is a perfect example of a market “disruptor”.

Kaitlyn_ Plays says:

mean kenny again for sink put a drain tee go up with pipe it need to vent also the shower needs a trap or you will hear the toilet flush in the shower

Tyler Tyler says:

NOVEMBER 11 lest we forget the soilders that lost there lives. I love the USA and Canada I do my best to support the US military as well as my Canadian Forces. Im 27 now and thinking about joining the Canadian forces that aside good video Pete glad to see your dream is finally coming together you have earned it!

Rick Anderson says:

Cut the floor Pete! As you say “Do it right!”.

D G says:

All my friend Pete’s videos are all so “hurry up and wait” LONGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Lawrence Baker says:

I always look forward to your video’s Pete. Doing a great job with the plumbing. All the very best. Lawrence Baker from England.

kirk gleason says:

do it how you want to do it… its not body shop work. you are doing it for you. u do it and you never have to fuck with it again….do it your way or the way you think best.

dicktheplumber2 says:

…just curious, Pete. I don’t remember anything about heating and cooling your shop. That has to be another big expenditure in the near future…Keep up the great videos, Your friend Dick-The -Plumber…

Silver Hair says:

Pete get rid of the fiberglass shower pan and build yourself a curb out of brick or concrete for your shower stall. You can put the drain on the left side where the pipe is. Waterproof it with hydroban or something similar and tile it. Problem solved. Dont forget the trap…

Tony Burgy says:

I love it when my friends call me loud mouth piece of shit , every 1 needs a freind like you Penis,,,oh I mean Pete….what a guy…

Southpawsgarage says:


tallman281830 says:

You’ve worked hard to get where you deserve it no more rent..

Luke Smith says:

Are you building a room for old Betsey the air compressor pete from over the pond in UK

paky66 says:

Raise the floor. Also, take care to install a floor siphon, to drain the water that could reach the floor from shower or any other sources. Don’t forget to pour the floor at an angle, so that the water can reach the floor siphon easier and not go in a wrong direction

Greg Paterno says:

How does numb nuts sleep at night mother Fukun shit

Robby N jones says:

buy a better camera pete, its got NO Audio after you move onl;y a foot away..Buy a Bluetooth or so mic so its back to full audio again.. Its like watching keystone cops silent films..seriously DO SOMETHING OR put up Subtitles if youre broke..yes im a smartass but its annoying,you know better than this

Bruce Morrill says:

thanks pete

Procrastinatorgarage says:


M R says:

Hey Pete how can I get a free scholarship?? I’d be so stoned thru class, banging all the female students.

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