DIY Auto School – Plumbing The Bathroom – Part 1

It’s time to do all the plumbing for our shop bathroom over at DIY AUTO SCHOOL MOAB! Pex Pipe and Sharkbite fitting will be used to finish it all out! It’s a Do It Yourself Plumbing lesson you don’t want to miss! Follow My Friend Pete on his journey to GET THE HELL OUTTA DALLAS TX. and move to Moab Utah! or 972-420-1293

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Terri Hughes says:

Might want to gravel the shit over the dirt to keep the dust and mud down coming into the shop.

Michael Johnson says:

Way better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Words to live by.

Donnie Porter says:

Pete im an Electricion u need to put a slip fitter on your 3 inch schedule 40 line it will save your ass if shit starts moving and settling. look it up its easy to insatll it slides over the 3″ and goes to the panel/ meter can

ImTheDaveman says:

PS – You’re on the mark, Pete! Buying extra parts is a smart idea – even if you don’t need all of em now – you never know when you’ll need them in the future., for expansion, maybe something breaks, you get a leak – and so on. AND you save money because 5 to 8 years or more down the road those parts will cost more.

Norlin Eadie says:

Metal strap with holes is for mounting pipe in a metal stud wall

Don Grider says:

I screwed it again but to complete where I left off at adulterous men and women we also have two preachers and one undertaker but we have never been so lousy a family to have a lawyer at grand maw’s table. Please consider these things now. We are all getting older and I see you wearing knee pads more often. They are so damn cheap now for ten years later when our knees really hurt. Maybe some day I can try out that stool!! Please try not to be too hard on the plumber, His mother made him that stupid!!!!

ImTheDaveman says:

LOL on the shower/bathroom portion – I LOVE IT! Minnie and Pete switching roles between peace-maker and angry person – LOL. Personally this time I am siding with Minnie. The plumber is a dumb-ass, dipshit, that should go to plumbing school all over again only this time – he should attend Plumber Pre-School first. You’re having to do his f-ing work for him. I’d love to bitch slap the man with a rubber chicken. Or a wet rubber fish – that’ll work too.

Dean Marshall says:

Obviously the plumber can’t read a plan or read a measuring tape, lol

estpst says:

when are you movin in?

ed pisiakowski says:

you need a remote mic

dave1135 says:

Did you guys have Jesse from pure living for life lay out your shower? Looks like something he would do. Lol

Donnie Porter says:

Minnie such a sweetheart pete give her a huge hug your a lucky man

Duane Hewitt says:

I can relate with you Pete, like I have always said, “if I didn’t have bad luck I would not have any luck at all”.

Donnie Porter says:

Yellow thing is for pressure fluctuation just a guess

Domenico Bene says:

1.Yellow one are a tempory cap to put under pression the line before fit out
2. The steel bracket are installation template with the most common distance for the taps and other.
3. distribution manifold

Richard T says:

are those 2×4 for rafters? they look pretty weak. drill holes for water lines in them and you have no strength at all

sharkwater says:

Pete, fix your sound.

Jesse Garcia says:

why dont you invest in a wireless microphone to attach to you phone so we can hear you

estpst says:


kurt6484 says:

Shittin in the shower saves a half an hour. But I wouldn’t recommend it

Don Grider says:

I screwed up big time. I failed to post my last epic so here is redo #1. I should have watched all of your video before my last comment. You obviously have done your studies. I do however have a couple of suggestions. At your height and shoulder width when you move the toilet rough in move the toilet a pinch farther from the wall. A handicap toilet id measured 18 inched to the center of the bowl from the wall. Also remember that your plumber measures from the outside foundation wall. Make sure that the toilet back set distance or the tank will not fit!! Next you are tall and wide shouldered, so consider a handicapped toilet. This will give you a head start on standing up but will make Miss Minny’s feet dangle. You could offer to install a seat belt but you know how sensitive some can be. Next consider a right handed flush control valve tank. They make both right and left handed models for handicap federal regs. If you are facing the toilet you will be much more comfortable and here is why. When you stand you will naturally want to turn away from the blank wall. You will rotate left toward the lavatory to wash. With a left handed flush control toilet you will need to step left or reach across the bowl to flush. This sounds stupid but the federal handicap codes have issued these guidelines and they do make sense. With a right handed flush valve and you facing the lavatory you can simply reach straight with your left hand to flush. Next, your lavatory should have a high rise spout and longer from the back of the bowl. No one likes to bump the back wall of the lavatory to rinse your hands. The second nest is the lavatory valves. Consider the long paddle handles. With round knobs you always drip water on the back-splash and deck. Miss Minny will agree to this like yesterday! Now for my last comment. The shower enclosure you have will not fit you. You are too damn big and too tall. You will need to purchase a larger pan so you will have shoulder room enough to turn in the shower. You have had this with every shower curtain in your life. You will need a minimum of a 48 X 48 shower. Next you are too damn tall. Have the shower head located high enough to gen under without stooping. As we get older and sometimes wiser little things now will pay back big time. This will no doubt mean a taller shower wall to stop the splash. They make these in fiberglass 3 walls. You can make it any height you want!! New next, watch the door swing of the shower and the bathroom door so they do not bump when opening. This breaks shower glass doors. You may want to consider moving the larger shower to the side where the toilet rough in is located. This shit does not matter to anyone but you and architects and building inspectors and especially accessibility shit heal Lawyers. For me I was a building inspector. We have had a few felons and bootleggers tax cheats, adulterous men and women, aaaaaaaaand

Robert Bard says:

Its all coming together Pete, ya gotta love it when a plan comes together !!! Take care Guys !!!

Shane Rowland says:

Pete knows how to multi task

Floyd Albright says:

That is called manifold for a home run pex system.

Floyd Albright says:

I have been in larger phone booths than that shower stall . Just by looking at the size of the base.

William Warren says:

Yellow part, maybe -hammer for water line.

Don Grider says:

I ain’t the smartest dude but if you are not going to be happy with the toiler location then cut the floor and move it! You will never be happy about it if you don t do it now! It is done daily in every strip center retail space renovation! A little cost now means a shower in the shop later. That is nice to clean up before going to Miss Minny’s clean house. There will be cold shoulder for dinner. This ain’t no big deal to do. Most plumbing companies send a laborer to cut and dig. It is PVC that is a no brainer. If you knew how many times this floor cut was done every day for renovations to make a handicap accessible restroom, you can cut the floor and dig the gravel for a plumber. Being new to Utah and not familiar with the food at the local jail … I would suggest a licensed plumber with a valid permit! Honest, as with everything else you do Do It Right!!! I would also add a laundry set and a mop sink to wash rags and oil soaked clothes again for Miss Minny! This way Miss Minny will have hot water to fill the mop bucket and a place to dump it. A fiber glass laundry sink would also be nice. The plumbing work now will be cheap but the best part is that you can wait for the shower and laundry. Just rough in for it, like a wiring harness too few circuits now you will pay later You will wish you had a shower next week! Keep me up on this, Happiness
is now and has always been HOT WATER!!!

brian stuart says:

Pete when you want to stretch that stuff out you put heat lamps on it and get it nice and hot and it goes out real good and if you need to flex it anymore use heat guns on it and it straightens her right out good luck to you buddy

zzzdogutube says:

why don’t you park the camper inside? Wouldn’t that be better?

Thirdgen83 says:

You should back-charge that plumber…

bob gwinn says:

#SS&S swrnc style

Donnie Porter says:

Pete dont use the band pex clamps the suck and break use the solid ones

9 feet up says:

They claim that pex piping with pex fittings work best if you use the expansion tool instead of steel bands on the fittings as the metal fitting and clamp will not continue to seal over time and will weep. Since the installation is for your shop and not your house it may not be such a worry unless there is an actual worry of freezing expansion at the fittings.

Donnie Porter says:

Pipe hanger

Silicon Valley Engineer says:

has that large section of cracked cement been replaced yet ?

spacystacy51 says:

That’s right & you’ll still have to go back so no not Krazy =^-^= stores miles away any time you have to go back. Looking good.

Bruce Morrill says:

thanks pete

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